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MONSTA X Drops Red Hot MV For 'Beautiful'; Fans Flustered Over Frozen Youtube Views

By Angie Chui | March 22, 2017 03:14 AM EDT


After much anticipation from the fans, MONSTA X is back with their MV "Beautiful." Starship Entertainment uploaded the flaming hot track yesterday after premiereing the teaser only five days ago.

According to Soompi, the "Beautiful" track featured MONSTA X's signature sound, starting off the song with rap verses from Jooheon and I.M. The beautiful vocals of the rest of the group make for a catchy track that starts off the MonstaX's comeback on a strong note.

"Beautiful" talks about how beautiful they see their special someone. So beautiful in fact that they would risk dangers and threats of pain, just to be near the person they love.

Intersped with the strong vocals and the great melody of the upbeat track is a sophisticated looking set that could double for studio for a fashion spread shoot. While MONSTA X did not break out many complicated dance moves, their choreography provided enough to keep fans interested and focused on the comeback track. Aside from the main set where the boys appeared together, there were also stylish sets prepared for the individual members as they belted out their parts of the song.

So far, the Beautiful MV has been viewed over 455,000 on youtube but fans are wondering why the views have been frozen for so long. Some fans have observed that the views have been stuck for over 15 hours despite the fact that Monbebes, the MONSTA X official fandom are continuously streaming the MV.

"As long as the views are stuck, I will continue streaming because these boys deserve so much love and support. MONSTA X, fighting!," youtube user truly youngjae said.

While some are already growing impatient and implying a sabotage, there are those who remain confident that youtube will fix the glitch in time and that the "Beautiful" MV will get the numbers it deserves.

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