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BTS Members & Their Phobias: All of BTS Afraid of Jungkook? Here's Why!

By Eddwyn A. | March 23, 2017 05:04 AM EDT


On Tuesday, March 21, a Tweet regarding BTS members' ultimate fears have gone viral. Apparently, all of them are afraid of Jungkook. Find out why!

According to Koreaboo, Twitter user twerking jimin (@waveyakpopper) posted a photo on March 21 that contained a complete list of BTS members' ultimate fears. The photo has gone viral since then and has already got more than 3,000 re-tweets as of this writing.

According to the list, BTS' V is afraid of heights, gross things, and bees. But above all, V is afraid of ghosts. Perhaps he's seen one already.

Next is BTS' Suga, who is afraid of firework noises. But one thing member Suga is afraid of is his dad, though.

Next is BTS' Jin, who is afraid of tiny bugs. Jin apparently is extremely scared if they would crawl on his skin. Like member V, Jin is also afraid of ghosts.

The list also revealed that BTS' Jungkook is afraid of microwave ovens. Apparently, the idol thinks it would explode at any moment. Jungkook is also afraid of bugs - with the exception of beetles, specifically stag beetles.

Next is BTS' Rap Monster who claims that he is not afraid of anything. Really now?

Similar to V, BTS' Jimin is afraid of heights too. But if there's one thing he's ultimately afraid of, it's butterflies. Apparently when he was younger, a friend of Jimin placed a butterfly on his underwear. Since then, Jimin is scarred for life.

The list also revealed BTS' J-hope is afraid of everything, in general. From, bugs to snakes, and heights and rollercoasters.

Ultimately though, all of BTS members are afraid of Jungkook. Apparently, Jungkook beats all of them. All of BTS are also afraid of member Suga as he curses them all when being woken up.

In other news, Pop Crush reports BTS' Rap Monster recently collaborated with American rapper Wale. The duo revealed a song on Monday, March 20.

The song is titled "Change" that tackled the need for the world to change. The song also talked about demolishing racism.

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