Rap Monster


Is There Evidence Proving BTS Rap Monster Is In A Relationship?

Headlines 09.22.17 | 06:23PM EDT

Is There Evidence Proving BTS Rap Monster Is In A Relationship?


BTS Celebrate Rap Monster's Birthday By Sharing These Personal Photos

Headlines 09.11.17 | 11:37PM EDT

BTS Celebrate Rap Monster's Birthday By Sharing These Personal Photos


BTS Rap Monster & Jungkook Appear In This Documentary

Headlines 08.09.17 | 10:36AM EDT

BTS Rap Monster & Jungkook Appear In This Documentary


BTS' Rap Monter Injured & Unable To Perform at The Sapporo Leg of '2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour'

Headlines 07.03.17 | 03:15PM EDT

Rap Monster injured his right foot on June 29 which prevented him from performing at the last leg of their 2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour" at the Makomanai Ice Arena in Sapporo, Japan.

BTS Rap Monster

Big Hit CEO Reveals Rap Monster Is The Reason He Formed BTS

Headlines 06.13.17 | 10:22AM EDT

With an incredible talent in music, Rap Monster a.k.a Kim Namjoon was able to inspire Bang Shi Hyuk, Big Hit Entertainment CEO, to form an idol group everybody knows as BTS.

BTS finally got their invitation to attend Billboard Music Awards.

BTS Members Went 'Gay' Over Rap Monster's Toned Body On Recent V Live Broadcast

Headlines 05.10.17 | 02:11PM EDT

BTS members can't help but praise Rap Monster's body on their most recent V Live broadcast.


BTS Members Vote Suga Would Be Perfect for a Long Distance Relationship

Interviews 04.14.17 | 08:06PM EDT

BTS members vote co-member Suga would be the perfect one to handle long distance relationships on an interview.


BTS Collaboration: The Possibility Of Rap Monster & Co. To Make Another East-Meets-West Collaboration With Kehlani

Interviews 03.23.17 | 06:06AM EDT

American singer, Kehlani, gives a shoutout to BTS after Rap Monster revealed on Billboard that the singer is one of his biggest influences in music.


BTS Members & Their Phobias: All of BTS Afraid of Jungkook? Here's Why!

Hot Issues 03.23.17 | 05:04AM EDT

A Tweet that contained all of BTS members' ultimate fears have gone viral on Twitter on March 21 and revealed that all of BTS are afraid of Jungkook .

BTS For Teen Choice Awards 2017

BTS’ Rap Monster Talks Recent Record-Breaking Success & Plans To Debut In The USA

Trending News 03.10.17 | 07:30AM EST

BTS has collected a lot of record-breaking success throughout their career. Recently, the group was named one of the best-selling K-pop artists of all time.

BTS Rap Monster

BTS' Rap Monster Revealed What It's Like To Have His Own Mother Doubted His Talent

Hot Issues 03.06.17 | 07:32AM EST

BTS' member, Kim Namjoon a.k.a Rap Monter shared what he had to go through to become a Kpop idol. One of the struggles he had to endure is from his own mother who once disagreed with his choice of career path.


Jin Of BTS Graduates From Konkuk University: BTS Celebrates During 6th Gaon Chart Music Awards

Buzz 02.22.17 | 11:54PM EST

Jin of BTS gradutes from Konkuk University and celebrates it during the 6th Gaon Chart Music Awards on Feb. 22.

BTS reported to make comeback this February

BTS Sets New Record For Reaching 20 Million Views At The Fastest Time For 'Spring Day' Video

Headlines 02.18.17 | 09:26PM EST

BTS breaks record set by Twice's "TT" for the quickest time to reach 20 million views for their new video "Spring Day." Mountain of clothes in the video may carry deeper, darker meaning.

Rap Monster

BTS’ Rap Monster, Wale Collaboration Is Happening!

Trending News 02.16.17 | 04:17AM EST

After a lot of speculations, fans now can really look forward to BTS' Rap Monster and Wale collaboration. Wale confirmed on Twitter that he will be working with Rap Monster in a few weeks for their duet track.

A collage of V and Baekhyun.

LOOK: BTS members’ funny look-alikes

Hot Issues 12.21.16 | 07:44PM EST

Will you agree or not? Take some time to see this list.


Here are 12 interesting facts about MAMA 2016's Artist of the Year, BTS

Features 12.08.16 | 09:09PM EST

Here are 12 interesting and honest facts about BTS.


BTS's Jin and V got a little too steamy at MAMA 2016; Group's fiery performance best of the night

Headlines 12.06.16 | 02:36AM EST

BTS was definitely one of the brightest stars of the night and they proved it with an explosive performance of their hits on the MAMA stage.


EXO fans accuse Melon Music Awards of foul play after BTS won album of the year

Headlines 11.24.16 | 08:58AM EST

The stars may have went home satisfied after the Melon Music Awards but some of their fans certainly didn't. Here's why.


BTS gave EXO incredible love during the Melon Music Awards 2016

Headlines 11.21.16 | 02:38PM EST

During the 2016 Melon Music Awards held at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, BTS showed EXO incredible love as the latter received Artist of the Year award.

BTS arrive for the 24th Seoul Music Awards at the Olympic Park on January 22, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea.

BTS 2017 world tour list released

Headlines 11.21.16 | 02:50PM EST

Armies all over the world, here's the list for BTS' world tour next year. Is your country included? Check this list.


Big Hit Entertainment's Bang Si Hyuk reveals which member motivated him to form BTS

Headlines 11.18.16 | 10:33PM EST

Bang Si Hyuk, the man behind Big Hit Entertainment, talks about BTS success and popularity and reveals which member prompted him to create the group.

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