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BTS News & Updates: BTS Scores Teen Vogue Feature! Here Are Five Things We Learned From The Interview

By Angie Chui | March 24, 2017 04:01 AM EDT


BTS is one of the top K-pop groups in the world today and it came as no surprise that Teen Vogue was immediately interested in doing a feature on the Bangtan Boys now that they're in the US to perform to sold out crowds in Newark and Anaheim. The magazine sought to uncover quirks and secrets and some inside scoop on the boys.

Here are five new things Kpopstarz learned about Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, Jimin, J-hope, V and Jungkook from the Teen Vogue interview. Members of the BTS ARMY may even need to note this down.

Most recommended track. BTS has a lot of hits under its belt but Jin and V agree that they would most likely recommend "Blood, Sweat and Tears" as a good entry point to the BTS official fandom, ARMY. Jin had pretty personal reasons because he starred for most of the video but the rest of the gang agrees that the concept for the video was intriguing and the MV was beautifully designed and choreographed.

How they really feel about fame. As the only K-pop group to have the honor of cracking the US iTunes Top 10 with "Spring Day," the BTS members thought that it was really a rush. Rap Monster said that they wanted to scream for joy but because they were on a pretty tight TV schedule at the time, they had to keep their feelings in check.

How do they see each other? Fans need to take note -- Jin used to be really quiet but now he's the joker of the group and he makes everyone laugh with his antics. BTS maknae Jungkook's vocals are always on point. Jimin is the cutest, and even though he's not the youngest, the boys feel like he is. V really knows how to grab attention. Suga is the caretaker of the group. J-hope, true to his name -- always generates hope and positive vibes. Rap Monster always represents the group as their leader but really feels like he's the one who is always learning from other members of BTS. He said J-Hope and Jimin are the ones who always give him advice.

How do they feel about music? Making their own music is part and parcel of what makes BTS a great group. They get involved in various aspects of their music, from writing to producing, as well as choreographing for their performances. It comes naturally that they would feel strongly about particular tracks. For songs that they really love but do not pass muster with the label, they produce their own mixtapes.

BTS thoughts on bashers. Being on top comes with a cost and for most artists, they come in the form of bashers and detractors. Jin said that his family is always his source of strength and his naturally positive personality keeps the negative feelings at bay. Rap Monster said that he just accepts that the shadow that these bashers present are just part of the deal and respond to them with as much dignity as he can. J-hope once again proved his positivity and maturity by saying that he draws his strength and inspiration from the idea of sharing his energy with the other members as much as he can.

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