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Hong Jin Young Talks Her Painful Experiences As Trainee

By Inami | March 27, 2017 09:25 AM EDT


Being a K-Pop idol is not always about fame and glory. Hong Jin Young is one of K-Pop celebrities who is brave enough to recall her painful memories from when she was just a rookie in the industry. On a recent episode of "Unnies Slamdunk 2", the singer broke down to tear as she reminisces her harrowing experiences.

Hong Jin Young debuted with girl group SWAN, which only lasted for three months. She has been coping with a lot of painful experiences ever since she's in an idol group trainee. The singer couldn't help but cry when she was asked about her heartbreaking past as a trainee. Korea Boo reported Hong Jin Young was a loner when she was on the trainee program. She admitted that there were times when she felt left out because she was the only trot singer while everybody else was an idol. When that happened, Hong Jin Young would go to her car and cry.

According to Allkpop, Hong Jin Young still shivers every time she remembers her dreadful experiences as a trainee. Up until now, she's still afraid of a solitary room because she used to practice singing in a locked up room for 15 hours straight.

The suffering went on as people started writing hate comments about her and her failed group. She pretty much would do anything to please her fans. Hong Jin Young once received hateful comments about her weight. Anonymous commenters tried to bring her down by saying that she needed to lose some weight. Hong Jin Young couldn't handle it with confidence and replied the comments by saying that she would try harder to lose her weights.

It was inevitably a moment that crushed her confidence as an artist. However, Hong Jin Young keeps trying to not let those bad vibes get into her mind any longer. Thanks to her strong desire and determination, she's now able to become a successful singer and slammed everyone who has wronged her with her marvelous achievement. Recently, Hong Jin Young released a new track "Loves Me, Loves Me Not" as a part of the original soundtrack of upcoming thriller movie "Fabricated City".

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