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BTS News: Rap Monster Thanks ARMY For Helping BTS' Message, Music Spread To Global Audience

By Angie Chui | March 28, 2017 09:47 AM EDT


After being featured on Teen Vogue Magazine, BTS recently hung out with the staff of iHeartRadio to share their thoughts about their music and the growing force of the BTS ARMY in the world. They also joked around with the staff and shared samples of their favorite American pop songs.

According to a report by SBS Pop Asia, when BTS was asked why they thought K-pop was growing popular in the world, BTS leader Rap Monster credited K-pop's popularity to accessibility through social media platforms like youtube. He said that because fans can easily look up their material, they are able to see what the group is about.

Citing their own experience with BTS, he said that because they write and produce their own music and take inspiration from the experiences of young people like themselves, fans around the world are able to connect with them. He said they owe their international fans a lot because it is through their efforts in translating BTS music and interviews that fans all over the world are able to understand and connect to their message.

"Thanks to our fans because they translate our music and our interviews into their languages," he said. "That is how they resonate and (they) feel the same feelings with us."

The interview was not all about serious stuff. When asked to share their taste in American pop music, BTS performed samples of the American hits but it didn't quite turn out as fans would expect.

BTS leader Rap Monster led the hilarity when he started off with Drake's Fake Love in a wacky tone. Jimin loves Frank Ocean's Lost but didn't give out a sample because it was in English. J-Hope and V chose Bruno Mars' Uptown Funk with matching dancing from J-Hope and also another hit from Bruno Mars - Versace on the Floor is on the boys' playlist. It was no surprise that BTS maknae Jungkook chose Charlie Puth's "We Don't Talk Anymore" which he recently did a beautiful cover for.

Speaking of Charlie Puth, the singer recently engaged with BTS in some Twitter banter after BTS tweeted Charlie about how much they loved his music. It took only a short while for the American singer to tweet back to say he loves BTS music too. It can be recalled that Charlie also gave a shoutout to Jungkook when he posted a cover of "We Don't Talk Anymore."

BTS is currently in the US for a series of performances to sold out crowds in New Jersey, Chicago and California for their Wings Tour. It was reported that some venues even had to request for additional nights because they could not accommodate the volume of people who still wanted to buy tickets after the original dates were sold out. Unfortunately, a death threat against BTS member Jimin has marred the otherwise successful run of the tour but Big Hit Entertainment has assured that security will be beefed up in upcoming concert venues to ensure the group's safety, Digital Music News reported.

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