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5 Reasons Why You Should Check Out “The Starry Night, The Starry Sea”

By Stem A Sparks | April 01, 2017 09:45 PM EDT


"The Starry Night, The Starry Sea" is a newly adapted chinese romance drama of the novel of the same name written by one of the known Chinese contemporary novelists, Tong Hua. The latter is also known for her novel, "Bu Bu Jin Xin," published on 2005, which later had two drama adaptations, "Scarlet Heart" and "Scarlet Heart Goryeo," both which became a hit.

The story of this well-recognized drama starts off when Shen Lou (played by Bea Hayden) decides to leave from the maltreatment of her stepmother and stepbrother at the city and move back to her hometown, hoping for a fresh start. When she gets back to her hometown, she eventually meets Wu Ju Lan (played by Feng Shao Feng), a merman, at her age, who is found to be in search of his spiritual pearl, which was stolen due to to the betrayal of his best friend. The merman is in great need of that stolen pearl for it is essential for his living. Little did he know, An Zuo (played by Sunny Wang) from the Black Wizards Organization desires the pearl as well. We Ju and Shen Lou end up being in love with each other in the midst of pursuing for the merman's pearl as cited on Soompi.

If you're still not convinced to tune in to "The Starry Night, The Starry Sea," here are some of the slices that will guarantee your satisfaction!

1. It's not a bird... It's not a mermaid... It's a Merman! The Delicate Merman Wu Ju Lan!

Forget about Ariel, Dyesebel or the Mako Mermaids! Wu Ju Lan is the newest and hottest sea creature alive on Earth that will surely take your breath away. And yes, he is a merman! As old as a thousand, Wu Ju Lan is capable of anything. And falling in love is not an exception. Once the merman falls for Shen Luo, he turns from being cold and emotionless into a soft,delicate "puppy." His smile whenever he looks at his lover will make your hearts in awe!

2. The Confidently-beautiful-with-a-heart Heroine

It is no different for heroines to be confident, beautiful and "perfect", but Shen Luo is just so exceptional. Bea Hayden plays the character of Shen Luo really well and the two just can't get any fitter. Shen Luo's being optimistic, cheerful and down-to-earth personality yet is brave and fearless makes the audience adore her more. Moreover, she is ready to fight for herself and withstand against all odds that will keep her from Wu Ju's company. She is also humorous and will sure to bring you laughter.

3. That Type of Best Friend We all Need

Admit it. We all have that one friend who seems so conceited and narcissistic when it comes his looks and all. And that narcissistic friend turns out to be the one who always gives the worst relationship advices. That friend who will always get us into troubles and embarrassments. Sigh. Well, Jiang Yi Sheng (played by Huang Ming ) might be that kind of friend to Shen Luo but that won't make him less of a best friend to her. Aww. He is not just a friend but also a shipper to Wu Ju-Shen Luo relationship. So much for his poor advices, he is a reliable and supportive friend who is ready to lend his time and ears- anytime, anywhere. When Shen Luo is down and lonely, he will always cheer her up and lighten up her mood. So sweet.

4. Romance on fleek

If you think, romantic scenes on every romance drama are the the same- plane and boring, you might as well think again. I tell you. This drama's romantic moments are so far from what you have watched. The magical chemistry of Bea Hayden and Feng Shao Feng takes romance into a whole new level. Their gazes, smiles, and touch to each other are acted so naturally and sincerely, you will almost forgot you're single. Lol.

5. Heart-whelming OST

One of the elements of a drama that keeps the audiences more interested is the OST. And no doubt, "The Starry Night, The Starry Sea," does not let us down on that aspect. Its soundtrack album includes an opening theme song and ending theme song, "The Starry Night, The Starry Sea," by Jin Zhiwen and "Echo," by Zhou Shen, respectively. Both songs convey the message of the drama and adds color and impact to every scene. The lyrics and melody will make you feel nostalgic as if loving somebody you never met.

"The Starry Night, The Starry Sea," a Hunan TV drama, starring Feng Shao Feng, Bea Hayden, Sui Yong Liang and Sunny Wang aired every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday starting from February 5 2017 to March 8 2017 completing a total of 32 episodes as cited on Viki.

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