The Real Reason Why GFRIEND’s Eunha Doesn’t Want To Go On Diet

Female Korean idols are known for their slim figure. A lot of them are willing to go on an extreme diet to lose weight. However, GFRIEND member, Eunha is one of the few people that believe you don't need to be skeleton skinny to look good.

Eunha is known for her curvy body and chubby cheeks. She loves her current figure so much that she doesn't even to go one a strict diet to lose those curves. The idol explained the real reason why she refuses to go on diet on MBC's "Show Champion". Korea Boo reported that, on a behind-the-scene footage of the show posted online, Eunha told to the camera that she feels like losing a big part of herself when she lost weight. All of her fans love her the way she is so there's no reason for her to go on diet.

The GFRIEND idol also doesn't mind about her chubby cheek and double chin that a lot of people consider as a pet peeve they could find in a woman. She said that her chubby cheeks and curve are what define her signature sexiness.  She also wants everyone to be confident and feel good about themselves because you don't need others' approval to be comfortable with yourself.

It's such an amazing thing that Eunha can break all the stereotypes about K-Pop female idols. K-Pop idols like AOA's Seolhyun or Oh My Girl's JinE once shared their story about the hardship they had to endure to maintain their skinny body. Seolhyun revealed that she needed to watch their weight on a daily basis and had to exercise harder if she gained weight even 1 kilo. Meanwhile, JinE has to take a break from her group's activity to recover from anorexia.

This is another example that we don't need to go on an extreme diet to get a perfect figure. Eating healthy meals, get enough of sleep, and exercising are more than enough to maintain your health and ideal figure. 



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