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Changsub's First Solo Album Cover Wass Reported Plagiarizing Troye Sivan's: Netizens Demanded Quick Respond From Cube Entertainment

By Siti Fatimah | April 27, 2017 05:43 PM EDT


BTOB's Changsub is about to make his solo debut. He will release his first ever solo album soon. Recently he has just released the teaser of his solo debut. Unfortunately, netizens found similarity with Troye Sivan and netizens critiqued Cube Entertainment a lot for that.

The issue about the plagiarism started when Cube released the album jacket of Changsub's first album. Netizens pointed out the similarity of his and Troye Sivan's "TRXYE," AllKpop reported. He is a singer and songwriter from Australia.

In the album cover of Troye Sivan, there is a picture of him with the mark of paint in the middle of it. Then, the name of album "TRXYE" is on the paint mark. As for Changsub's cover album, there is a picture of him, but not looking to the front, instead the picture taken from the side. Then, there is also paint mark with the name of the album "AT THE END" on it. Anyone seeing it can see that they are really look a like.

In a respond to the similarity, netizens asked Cube to give clarification immediately. It seems that the concern from netizens is necessary as they want to see Changsub shine but they do not want to see him getting marked with plagiarism. Also, Changsub's solo debut has been waited for long time by fans because he is the first member of BTOB who goes solo, Soompi reported.

In his upcoming solo album, there is something special in it. Previously, Changsub has helped a lot in writing songs of BTOB's past albums. Yet, for this album, his composed song is used for the title track, Soompi reported. The song is reported to be ballad with little rock music in it.

For this issue made by Cube Entertainment, netizens demand for their response soon. As for Changsub's solo debut, many fans are rooting for his success.

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