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Bang Si Hyuk Reveals The Hidden Truth To BTS' Massive International Success

By Eddwyn A. | April 29, 2017 11:42 AM EDT


Big Hit Entertainment CEO Bang Si Hyuk recently sat for an interview and revealed the secret why BTS is an international phenomenon. The CEO also talked about the possibility of a BTS brother group.

As reported by Koreaboo, Bang Si Hyuk stated that the secret to BTS' international success is because the boys have been steadily expressing their personal stories through their music. Do you agree, A.R.M.Y?

In his statement, Bang Si Hyuk expressed how there are not many K-pop artist who share their personal stories. The CEO compared their music into the American music artist who constantly shares their life stories.

In addition, Bang Si Hyuk claimed how brave his BTS boys are considering the fact that they sing about topics that are considered to be very dangerous to mention.

The CEO also revealed one more reason to BTS' massive overseas growth. According to Bang Si Hyuk, BTS have successfully integrated American music style into the group itself.

"BTS's performances are iconic because they follow K-Pop's love for perfect synchronization, but we've also added American performance trends," said Bang Si Hyuk. "Perhaps that's why they're loved both abroad and at home."

In the same interview, Bang Si Hyuk discussed the possibility of BTS forming another unit. As previously reported, the CEO similarly discussed the possibility of BTS having a brother group.

Bang Si Hyuk discussed how it could be possible for the group to create a separate unit. However, it would be unwise and that BTS should be promoting as a whole.

On the other hand, Bang Si Hyuk denied the possibility of BTS having a brother group. In his statement, they do have male trainees in the agency but there are currently no talks of creating a brother group to BTS.

Bang Si Hyuk also denied the rumors of BTS having a "sister" group. He clarified that they currently have no female trainees in the company. 

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