Gugudan Mina Shared The Reason She’ll Never Go On Diet Again

A strict diet can cause multiple health problems. At least, that's what Gugudan's Mina learns after suffering from serious illness due to the strict diet.

Kang Mina revealed the agony she had to endure because of dieting on V Live stream. Along with fellow Gugudan members, Sejeong, Nayoung, and Mini, Kang Mina shared the story about her extreme diet. Mina said that she lost a lot of weight for Gugudan's "A Girl Like Me" comeback, Allkpop reported.

According to Korea Boo, she started her story by telling she had been on an extreme diet. Instead of feeling more confident about her body, she only feels that dieting has made her immune system weak. Mina shared that she once suffered from a severe cold she needed to rest in bed for weeks.

Taking medicines without eating first was also the cause of Mina's worsening health. Fortunately, other Gugudan members have helped her to get rid of this bad habit before her health condition became worse. She revealed her friends often stole her medicines to make sure she eats first before taking them.

Mina admitted she was embarrassed and moved at the same time seeing her friends care about her so much. Since then, Mina is determined to never go on a strict diet ever again simply because she doesn't want to suffer more serious health problems.

During the live broadcast, Mina and other Gugudan members didn't only talk about strict dieting. The members also shared interesting things they encountered while promoting. They playfully talked about the first impression they had of each other. To conclude the broadcast, Gugudan members didn't forget to thank their fans for the supports they've received.

Meanwhile, Gugudan has wrapped up its 8-week promotions. Many people considered it as a long period since most idol groups only promote for 3-4 weeks. Regardless, Gugudan has now gained massive recognition with their latest release "A Girl Like Me". 

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