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Joo Hak Nyeon Criticized For His Greediness On 'Produce 101' Season Two

By Siti Fatimah | June 05, 2017 01:23 PM EDT


Despite having good ratings, "Produce 101" Season two also has much drama in it. Recently, viewers weren't happy for Joo Hak Nyeon as his greediness gave struggle to his teammates and he also made some mistakes on stage.

Joo Hak Nyeon was chosen as the center for his team, but he seemed to not working hard on the choreography. He made many mistakes and never danced to the choreography correctly. As a result, one of his teammates, Kang Dong Ho had one on one session to teach him for his dance and vocal. Yet, he didn't show improvement as he didn't work that hard for his part.

As a result, other members decided that he needed to be replaced by another member as the center. Kim Yong Guk was the one chosen as the new center and they danced the new choreography again. But, Joo Hak Nyeon wanted his position back and the members needed to practice another choreography again. Even though showing his greediness, Joo Hak Nyeon showed some mistakes on stage and viewers weren't happy with that, AllKpop reported.

Netizens pointed out Joo Hak Nyeon's attitude because he didn't work hard despite showing his greediness to be the center. Many netizens thought that he should have got more talents to show such greediness on the show. Being pointed out for his bad attitude, he might not get much support from international fans.

Meanwhile, the show just announced 35 trainees survived the second round of elimination and they just had a concept battle. They were divided into groups and given a song from some musicians. Showing their best effort, the winning team got additional points as their benefits, Soompi reported.

For the next episode, the result for the live and online voting will be added and the rankings will be announced. There will be another twist as the result of the vote is unpredictable and viewers need to wait for another week to see the result.

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