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#ThrowbackThursday Best K-Pop Songs of 2010

By Chaeil Lee | June 15, 2017 01:08 PM EDT


It is time to get a little nostalgic this #ThrowbackThursday with some of the best songs in K-Pop history! 2010 was a great year for Korean music especially with the break into international markets and the debuts of many groups we know and love today. Let's view some of these amazing artists and their songs down below!

Miss A - "Bad Girl, Good Girl"

The girls of miss A showed us just how sexy they could be with their hot debut track.

GD & T.O.P - "High High"

Big Bang created an unforgettable pairing as GD & T.O.P show off their rap skills with the trendy sounds of "High High."

IU - "Good Day"

The famous 3 octave note came to life in 2010 due to IU's "Good Day."

Super Junior - "Bonomana"

Super Junior become a sensation instantly with the release of "Bonomana." One of their most unforgettable tracks - for sure!

Orange Caramel - "Magic Girl"

The quirky, unforgettable girl group we all know and love today came to life with "Magic Girl" back in 2010!

SHINee - "Lucifer"

Of course, like many of their songs, SHINee dominated the charts with hits like "Lucifer."

2NE1 - "Follow Me"

2010 was by far the year of 2NE1 with follow me just being one of their many successful tracks!

SS501 - "Love Ya"

The year of the boy band just got better and better with groups like SS501. Their choreography is what truly sold this MV.

f(x) - "Nu ABO"

Girl group (f)x was making big headlines with their fun and flashy styles in MVs like "Nu ABO."


The boys of MBLAQ get the party started with their techno-club track "Y."

4Minute - "HUH"

Hit of Heart, or "HUH" for short, was another badass track by the powerful girl group 4Minute.

B2ST - "Shock"

The boys of B2ST really did leave us in shock with their killer dance moves and stellar vocals!

SECRET - "Magic"

2010 kept pumping out the K-Pop "Magic," as SECRET made their debut!

FT Island - "Love Love Love"

SS501 weren't the only boy band making it big! FT Island also stole our hearts with "Love Love Love."

After School - "Bang"

After School made us all swoon with their super sexy dance track "Bang." The original concept had everyone's jaws dropping!


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