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8 Ways K-Pop Idols Are Reviving 90's Fashion Back

By Chaeil Lee | June 20, 2017 09:53 PM EDT


K-Pop idols are known for being real trendsetters, but like all fashion there comes a time when certain looks, styles, and trends are recycled! Check out these styles that K-Pop idols are resurrecting and making the 'it look' again!


I.O.I are just one of many groups who is rocking the vibrant color polos. Something about this classic shirt just oozes a 90's flashback. 

Zany Patterns

These funky patterns aren't just for the ending scene of it show 'Saved By The Bell' anymore. K-Pop idols have been always into wearing some funky patterns.


Denim is everywhere. From head to toe, idols are still rocking the denim look in every way possible!


Chokers are no longer a thing of the past! Dig deep into your dresser draws and pull them out while you can, they are totally in style in the K-Pop world.

Platform Shoes

While some may think this is more of an 80s thing (and it is), these shoes did creep their way into 90s fashion and now it found its way into today's trends, too. It is common to see the raised heel on Adidas shoes more than normal.



Braids are always in style, but the 90s was known for having your hair down with a braid playing peek-a-boo here and there between strands. Red Velvet are no stranger to the style.

Streaked Hair 

Streaked hair was a big trend of the 90s and even early 2000s. Thank God no one has tried frosted tips yet.

Bucket Hats

Remember when 4Minute came back with "Crazy" and bucket hats were all the rage at the moment and everyone either loved or hated it? Yea, thank the 90's for this invention.

Full Body Sweats

While this is a fashion no-no nowadays, this hasn't stopped idols or stylists from sporting this look.

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