BTS Is Now More Popular Than Taylor Swift, Teaser For 'Bon Voyage 2' Unveiled

BTS is once again experiencing one of the best moments in their career as they have just overtaken Taylor Swift in terms of popularity based on the Billboard's Social 50 chart. Reports have it that BTS is now on the second place spot for most weeks in the chart, dethroning Taylor Swift who previously got the spot for herself.However, they really are on the number one spot for already 29 times for the chart.

According to Soompi, the first time that the group hit the topmost spot in the chart was on Oct. 29, 2016. As of now, Justin Bieber is in the first place spot having a total of 161 weeks sitting at the No. 1 spot. If the trend continues, reports state that it is very likely that BTS will also overtake Justin Bieber in the near future.

However, BTS is not the only K-pop group or artist to top the charts. SEVENTEEN is also at the No. 16 spot, while Blackpink is at No. 50 and CL at the No. 42 spot. The Social 50 chart is a list of the most active and popular artists around the world in terms of social media standards.

Just recently, BTS experienced another milestone as they won the Top Social Artist award during the Billboard Music Awards last May 21. And now that they have reached once again another milestone, reports say that there is a possibility of them signing a deal with an international label sooner or later, just like how Sistar's Hyolyn managed to be under Spinnin' Records, a reputable international EDM label.

According to All K-pop, BTS will also be coming back for a new season of "Bon Voyage". News has it that they will be exploring Hawaii this time. Season 2 of "Bon Voyage" will be out for all people to see and watch this coming June 27.

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