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Hwang Chi-yeol is K-Pop Trend Now? Artist Wins Over G-Dragon at Music Bank

By Ciera Starlight | June 23, 2017 12:43 PM EDT


On the June 23rd episode of KBS Music Bank, singer Hwang Chi Yeol was surprised by his first ever music show win.

The nominated songs for this week were G-Dragon's "Untitled" and Hwang Chi Yeol's "A Daily Song" as contenders for first place. Hwang Chi Yeol won first place with 6,380 points!

Naturally Hwang Chi Yeol, who had never won first place before, was shocked and even asked the MCs if he really won. Then he asks if he's supposed to share some words about winning and says he's so surprised he forgot what he wanted to say.

He gave his winner's speech by thanking everyone who created the song and his company's employees who helped him. He was very thankful to his fans for giving him this award. Hwang Chi Yeol is popular in both Korea and China, so he made sure to thank them all. Since he made a promise to breakdance on stage if he won number 1, he proceeded to fulfill this vow.

Hwang Chi Yeol was the first artist to sell 100,000 copies of an album after a release since legendary singer Cho Yong Pil. He expressed disbelief when he realized how popular he had become. Now he even has a trophy to show for it!

Hwang Chi Yeol debuted in 2007 and released two album, however because his previous company closed due to financial difficulties, he spent the rest of his twenties doing part-time jobs and teaching at music school. He returned to entertainment in 2015 on the program, I Can See Your Voice, a should that often brings attention to forgotten singers and reminded Korea of his incredible talent and falling in love with him.

Many fans all over the world are delighted that the singer is being rewarded for his efforts after being in the music industry as a singer, song writer and vocal instructor for many years.

Congratulations to Hwang Chi Yeol! Check out the joyful moment in this week's Music Bank episode below and keep following moonROK for the latest updates about all your favorite Korean entertainers.

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