Will Park Bo-gum Marry Jang Na-ra? This is What His Entertainment Company Says

Park Bo Gum and Jang Nara plan to get married soon? Are the two even dating? Apparently, that has been the rumor going around. On June 23rd, both Park Bo Gum and Jang Nara denied plans to wed.

Park Bo Gum's agency shut down the rumors with the following statement;

"I do not know why these words come out without any grounds, it is unfounded."

Park Bo Gum and Jang Nara have been speculated to be in a relationship from over a year ago when they filmed the drama "I Remember You," despite their 12 year age difference. Back then Park Bo Gum commented,

 "There's no truth behind it, but it's fascinating since it's my first scandal. I do feel apologetic to Jang Na Ra and a bit awkward to contact her now that our relationship has been exaggerated into a couple."

He said they were only close friends. However, because they look good together, people cannot help but see them as a couple.  

Despite this clarification, rumors have circulated again. This time, Park Bo Gum and Jang Nara were allegedly seen on Cheongdam-dong wedding street, rumored to be preparing for marriage.

Netizens believe that he would not get married yet, as he is at the height of this career. They also believe it would not be a good idea for Jang Nara to marry a man who has not served his military enlisting yet. 

Meanwhile, Park is taking a rest and is reviewing his next film, and Jang has been filming the upcoming drama "Housewife Detective" with 2PM's Hwang Chansung.



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