Girl's Day Sojin & Eddy Kim Confirm Dating Relationship

Breaking news has been discovered - K-Pop idols Sojin of Girl's Day and singer/songwriter Eddy Kim have been confirmed to be dating!

With an age difference of four years, with Sojin being the oldest, the two love birds admitted to their relationship on June 28th after previously denying said rumors. 

Sojin's entertainment company, Dream Tea Entertainment, released the following statement in regards to the matter. "Sojin and Eddy Kim have just begun their relationship after finding interest in each other. Because of the sudden report, we are being careful and thoughtful... We first denied the report thinking of the other side, but after conferring with the other party, we have decided to admit to the relationship. Please watch over them warmly." 

Soon after, Eddy Kim's agency followed up with a statement of their own, "After careful thought and consideration, we have confirmed the two artists to be dating and wish them success with their relationship. Please watch over them."

According to various reports, the two idols had met through Channel CGV's 'I'm A Movie Director Too: Youth Movie' in August of 2016. The two idols become close two months prior to the program and their relationship continued to grow from there.

It seems that due to the large negative effects public relationships can have on celebrities, the two idols took the time to think things through and address the situation carefully. While they themselves haven't issued any official statements, or from their group members, we are expecting them to blossom into something beautiful! Stay tuned for further updates.

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