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5 Times Korea Went Too Far With 'Black Face'

By Chaeil Lee | July 02, 2017 01:57 AM EDT


Sadly, K-Pop has its dark sides (no pun intended) and it has recently been coming a hot topic among netizens and international fans due to the amounts of racial acts that have been appearing left and right on the Korean media these days. This time, we are referring to the act of 'Black Face' which can be found in MVs, comedy shows and more! Check out 5 times Korea went overboard with this racist act.


MAMAMOO were in some hot water when they released a premier cover of Bruno Mar's "Uptown Funk You Up" at one of their concerts. In the video, they are seen doing black face as they are layered in dark makeup for this performance.

SNL Korea

Recently, A Pink's Bomi is under fire, alongside SNL Korea, for imitating a black character named Michol from the popular 'Dooly' kids show, a hit Korean TV Program. 

Big Bang Taeyang

While some fans were quick to defend him, others were in a rage over the fact that Taeyang used a filter on Snapchat to put famous American rapper Kanye West's face over his own and discuss the year of the monkey. Racist or not?

SBS Hong Hyun Hee

SBS started the biggest controversy in April of 2017 when hit comedian Hong Hyun Hee appeared in black face for a 'Circle of Life' skit (from the Lion King) during a segment called 'Laughing Legend Match.' She apologized later on, but many people have not let her live it down.

Super Junior Yesung

The hit singer from Super Junior, Yesung, was seen doing a cosplay of Nick Fury. However, he decided to go the extra mile and appear in black face as well.

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