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The Flower Boys of SMTM, 7 Idols Who Auditioned for "Show Me The Money 6"

By Ciera Starlight | July 03, 2017 12:41 PM EDT


The first episode of "Show Me the Money 6" aired on June 30th, kicking off with the usual round 1 of auditions. Many familiar faces in Khiphop returned for the sixth season of the survival program. However, idols are known to try their luck at passing the audition as well, some even succeeded in passing round 1 such as; iKon's Bobby, Winner's Mino, Seventeen's Vernon, VIXX's Ravi and YG Entertainment's new solo rapper ONE.

Although, they struggled to be taken seriously because of their idol image. They proved that they had what it took to compete with non-idol rappers. This year there has been at least 7 current or former idols who have been spotted in the first episode of "SMTM6." Check out our list to see who.

MYTEEN's Junseob


Junseob is from the group MYTEEN, who are gearing up to make their official debut this year. It seems that Junseob is promoting his talents ahead of debut with his try-out for "SMTM6." How will he fair in auditions? You have to tune in for episode 2 next week to find out. Check out his appearence on "Hip Hop Tribe 2."

Teen Top's Changjo


Changjo debuted in Teen Top back in 2010, and since then had gained plenty of experience with performing, but how good is his rap game really? We got a chance to see his level on the show "Hip Hop Tribe 2," where he impressed the audience and viewers. Will he impress on SMTM6?

HOTSHOT's Yoonsan


HOTSHOT is a name that has been going around in online communities a lot lately, due to the members Noh Taehyun and Ha Sungwoon's participation in "Produce 101 Season 2" The duo gained a lot of interest for their talents and good personalities. Sungwoon was ultimately included in the final line-up of WANNA ONE. How about the rest of HOTSHOT? Yes, they are just as talented. The main rapper of the group, Yoonsan has been spotted auditioning for SMTM6. How well will he do?


 Better Life Crew (Afos)'s Zett, Hu and AKnow

These 3 members of Afos, Hu, Zett and AKnow, who seem to be going by the name Better Life Crew now, were shown to have auditioned for "SMTM6." The group debuted as idols with a rebel concept, however its seems that after their member Jooeun joined "Produce 101 Season 2," he seems to have now joined a new group. Thus, these guys are going by the name Better Life Crew. Can any of them pass the audition rounds?




BIGONE (ex 24K member)


Finally, the only rapper on this list to have his round 1 aired in the first episode is former 24K member Daeil, who goes by the name BIGONE. The rapper and choreographer is known for his good looks and has a developed fanbase stemmed from his idol days. The rapper joined VISMAJOR Company full on in 2015, and looks like he is taking SMTM6 as his time to shine. Check out episode 1 to see how he did.

Watch the video below to see the guys' appearence on the show so far.

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