NU'EST Rank 11th on Inkigayo With Debut Song 'Hello'

NU'EST continue to soar in popularity ever since their successful time spent on hit survival TV series 'Produce IOI Season 2.'

NU'EST debuted back in 2012 with their single "Hello" and has recently ranked #11 on 'Inkigayo's' Chart with maximum pre-voting points. Due to their rising popularity and overwhelming interest from fans, the boy group has climbed the charts and finally making headlines.

According to other outlets, it is considered quite an impressive reach because NU'ESThave 0 'on-air' points, but they still manage to rake in the maximum 500 points from pre-voting, more than any other artist. In fact, the boys are the only ones above 100 out of everyone in the top 20. Check out the ranking below.

What do you think of the boy groups new-found popularity? Hopefully, with their next comeback, they can rise to the top!



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