NU'EST Rank 11th on Inkigayo With Debut Song 'Hello'

Hot Issues 07.07.17 | 07:40PM EDT

NU'EST Rank 11th on Inkigayo With Debut Song 'Hello'


TWICE is On a Winning Streak! Girl Group Grabs Another Win On 'Inkigayo' With Their Performance of 'Signal'

Hot Issues 06.05.17 | 11:49AM EDT

TWICE has once again grabbed the No. 1 spot on the recent "Inkigayo" episode with their performance of "Signal".

TWICE's Dahyun

TWICE's Dahyun Fills Jinyoung's Spot As MC On 'Inkigayo'

Hot Issues 05.22.17 | 12:03PM EDT

TWICE's Dahyun is set to substitute for GOT7's Jinyoung as MC for today's (May 22) "Inkigayo" episode.


WINNER's Lee Seung Hoon Clarifies Being 'Deputy Head' of YG Entertainment on 'Jung Yoo Mi's FM Date'

Hot Issues 05.10.17 | 02:43PM EDT

WINNER's Lee Seung Hoon clarifies rumors of him being the "Deputy Head" of YG Entertainment on "Jung Yoo Mi's FM Date".


IU Receives 4th Win With 'Palette' Performance on 'Inkigayo'

Headlines 05.09.17 | 01:24PM EDT

IU just achieved her fourth win on the recent episode of 'Inkigayo'. Will she be achieving her fifth win soon?


WINNER Fulfils Promise, Cross-Dressed As Figure Skater Minjeong With Pink Wigs!

Buzz 04.27.17 | 05:44PM EDT

WINNER fulfilled the promise they made before their comeback with "FATE NUMBER FOR" and cross-dressed as the figure skater Minjeong.


G-Dragon Working on New Songs? Rapper Too Busy To Shave Face!

Buzz 04.20.17 | 05:17AM EDT

Rapper G-Dragon is currently busy working on new songs as confirmed by YG Entertainment. He's so busy he doesn't even have the time to shave his face!


Inkigayo Cancels April 16 Show To Commemorate Sewol Ferry Disaster Anniversary

Headlines 04.13.17 | 08:53PM EDT

SBS cancels this week's episode of Inkigayo to the commemorate the 3rd anniversary of the Sewol Ferry Disaster and will instead air a rerun of its Sewol Ferry Disaster Q and A special.


GOT's Jinyoung Revealed His Close Relationship With YG And SM's Artists For Hosting 'Inkigayo'

Stars on TV / Movies 03.31.17 | 09:22AM EDT

Jinyoung GOT7 revealed his relationship with Black Pink's Jisoo and NCT's Doyoung. Check out more here!


TWICE’s “Knock Knock” Marks 9th Win and Grabs Prestigious Triple Crown in SBS’ “Inkigayo” Charts

Trending News 03.22.17 | 05:54AM EDT

TWICE may have carried out all their promotions, but it looks like they are not done yet with the sweeping music show charts and won in SBS's "Inkigayo" by garnering a total of 9421 points, exceeding their score during the previous week.

K-Pop Concert In South Korea

TWICE Jeongyeon Ends ‘Inkigayo’ Hosting, Thanks Fans For Loyal Support

Trending News 01.30.17 | 11:36PM EST

Kpop girl group TWICE member, Jeongyeon, bid farewell to Inkigayo show. Showed gratitude to fans together with two other co-hosts.

Twice Junyeon

‘Inkigayo’ Not Airing On January 29! Why Are Emcees Kim Min Suk, Gong Seung Yeon, Twice’s Jungyeon Stepping Down?

Trending News 01.23.17 | 11:43PM EST

'Inkigayo' will not be airing this 29th while its resume on 5th of February will be a welcome party for the new emcees after Kim Min Suk, Gong Seung Yeon & Twice’s Jungyeon.

Jeongyeon (L), Kim Min-Seok and Gong Seung-Yeun in the promotional picture of SBS

TWICE Member Jeongyeon, Kim Min-Seok & Gong Seung-Yeun Will End Their Tenure As SBS ‘Inkigayo’ Hosts

Headlines 01.18.17 | 08:26PM EST

Member of popular girl group TWICE Jeongyeon with her sister actress Gong Seung-Yeun and actor Kim Min-Seok will end their contract as the host for SBS music show “Inkigayo.” Actress Park Si-Eun is rumored to be one of the new host.

Big Bang

Bigbang's 'Last Dance' On Inkigayo Was Epic For Their Last Stage Before TOP's Leaving

Hot Issues 01.17.17 | 08:15AM EST

Bigbang last stage was on Inkigayo singing "Last Dance". The stage was decorated with white flowers and it was the last stage they got together as 5 before TOP's leaving for the army.

Big Bang Wins ‘Inkigayo’ Plus Comeback and Debut Performances

Big Bang Wins Plus Comeback and Debut Performances on ‘Inkigayo’

Stars on TV / Movies 01.09.17 | 11:31AM EST

Big Bang has won for th esecond time with "Fxxk It" on Inkigayo. Also comeback and debut performances from AOA, AKMU, NCT, WJSn, April, December and MIXX.

#Save me

Inkigayo goes off air this Christmas

Headlines 12.23.16 | 04:57AM EST

This Christmas Inkigayo a popular TV show broadcasted by SBS will not be airing. But still, fans can watch 2016 SAF Awards on 26th December and SBS Entertainment Awards on 25th December.

Heize Wins

Heize Wins "Inkigayo' For The First Time Ever Plus Other Performances From Big Bang, Seventeen and B1A4

Stars on TV / Movies 12.19.16 | 04:04AM EST

Female solo rapper Heize has won SBS "Inkigayo" yesterday. It was her first time winning a music show trophy. Other performances where from Big Bang who made a comeback and Seventeen and B1A4.

Eunha - G-Friend 은하

G-Friend's Eunha talks about working with other female idols for Sunny Girls

Headlines 12.20.16 | 11:18AM EST

G-Friend Eunha talked about her collaboration with members of other girl groups for the song 'Taxi' during a 'V' broadcast on December 12. The group was named Sunny Girls.

Soyu and Junggigo Reunites With New Song

Soyu, Junggigo reunites in new song, plus more ‘Inkigayo’ performances

Hot Issues 12.12.16 | 04:05AM EST

Soyu and Junggigo recently reunited and sang a song for the "Inkigayo" weekly special stages.


TWICE and BLACKPINK's heartwarming interaction shows how they're actually friends

Headlines 11.25.16 | 06:48PM EST

On the November 5 airing of Inkigayo, TWICE and BLACKPINK's interaction with one another is caught on camera and only proves how friendly they are with each other.

GOT7 wins

SBS 'Inkigayo' Round-up: GOT7 Win #1 On The April 3, 2016 Episode

Headlines 04.03.16 | 10:58PM EDT

GOT7 sweeps the week of music shows and wins their fourth first place trophy on 'Inkigayo.'

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