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How Many Days Did It Take These Idols To Win 1st Place For A Performance?

By Edward Leary | July 14, 2017 10:17 PM EDT


Just like some K-Pop groups surprised us with how quickly they were able to win a 1st place music show award with their debut songs, there are some groups who took a little bit longer before entering the spotlight. Check out these groups that had to wait a long time before taking home any awards.


It took AOA about a year and a half (549 days) to win an award.


f(x) surprisingly waited 2 years before taking home the gold. 661 days is quite some time.

Brown Eyed Girls

It took exactly 664 days, basically two years, for Brown Eyed Girls to get the recognition they deserved.


The lovely ladies of KARA waited almost 3 years before becoming big. 710 days is killer.

A Pink

A Pink are big now but they waited a whopping 820 days before winning on a music program.


Everyone knows how talented EXID are and how painfully long they waited for this moment. 1058 days... no words.

Girl's Day

If you thought EXID had it bad, it took Girl's Day almost 4 years! 1094 days is pure agony.


The talented boys of VIXX worked hard for 562 days before winning any awards.


TEEN TOP were just as patient as VIXX waiting over 572 days before taking home 1st.


The boys of 2AM sing an endless amount of ballads before winning an award 577 days later.


The kings of K-Pop, BTS, waited over 695 days before winning first place! The group was making hits for 2 years but now they have world fame.


B.A.P worked hard to reach the top spot but it took them over 750 days to get there!


The boys of B1A4 tried every concept under the sun before taking home first place! The boys waited for over 757 days before claiming the title.


The powerhouse group of JYP Entertainment, GOT7, shocking took almost 2 1/2 years to become the iconic group they are today. A long, dark 807 days indeed.

Block B

Block B's Zico may have earned his own individual fame, but it took the group a long 913 days to see any fame altogether.


BTOB are one of the only boy groups who currently took over 1000 days (roughly 4 years) to win first place. The boys didn't see the spotlight until 1480 days later.

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