15&'s Yerin Disses JYP On Instagram Then Deletes Account Because of This Issue

It seems like there is trouble at JYP Entertainment as Baek Yerin, a member of 15& with Park Jimin, slanders JYP on Instagram due to one major issue. It only gets worse as the situation escalated further than fans could have expected.

According to Baek Yerin, she is having issues with JYP and JYP Entertainment because she hasn't been promoting or on the stage for some time. Clearly, she is locked in the company basement and she wants out! Yerin posted the photo (shown above) with the following caption attached to it.

"I have a lot of good songs I've written. I want to release an albummmm. So many people are waiting for me! But the adults here are so funny and scary. *Vomit*

It seems Park Yerin has been prepared for quite a while but was denied a chance in the spotlight for reasons unknown. However, it only gets worse after her post went viral. Yerin decided to delete her Instagram and left this letter in its place.

 She wrote, "I'm going to delete my Instagram for a bit! :) Sorry to my fans. I know I shouldn't read the comments on websites, but I saw it. Hehe. There's so much false information. I know a lot happened, but when I disappointed many fans by getting too close with one of my unnie fans, I reflected upon my actions, and I did write a letter of apology after editing it over and over again for hours so people who were hurt wouldn't be hurt again. I'm still sorry about that. After that, the "controversies" that they are talking about are because people looked at me in a pessimistic light on purpose, or things that were spread after being edited badly, and I believe they are rumors that can't be confirmed because people are just saying, 'I heard she did that', and 'She has a lot of controversies'. I have not said those things about Jimin, and I've never had musical input in 15&. I do not treat Jimin and others for just my profit. I don't know why people think I'm lowly and rude and express their hatred to me even though they can just ignore me. But I did apologize for that situation, and I'm still sorry to the fans who were hurt by that. I still can't sleep sometimes because of many malicious rumors that I didn't intend. But I am always thankful for fans who are waiting for me, like my music, and care about me. I like singing more than anyone, and I think that it would be good if I can be a strength to others instead of just singing along. I think my immature posts hurt my fans more than me. Sorry! :) Also, I won't be apologizing for something I didn't do. Thank you!

Quite the unapologetic letter, right? Is it goodbye to Yerin or will she come back and this whole situation will be water under the bridge? What ever the case may be, we hope to see Yerin on the stage again soon!

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