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North Jersey Restaurant Offers Customers Welcoming First-Time Experience with Korean Food

By May G | July 19, 2017 01:05 PM EDT


North Jersey Restaurant Offers Customers Welcoming First-Time Experience with Korean Food

Keo Ku, meaning "great turtle" in Korean, offers customers a unique experience to the Korean cuisine and culture, especially in Parsipanny, New Jersey where Korean restaurants are not as commonly seen.

Despite located in this unique spot, customers new to the Korean menu will be able to have a comfortable experience, even while trying foreign foods. This is something the restaurant team members pride themselves in. "We bring Korean to you," shared Brian, the Keo Ku's owner.

And after eating at the restaurant, customers will undeniably agree that that is what they commit to.

When you open the menu, you won't find a number of American food options to select from; Keo Ku sticks to its the authentic Korean food experience as so not to compromise the original tastes and flavors. Still, the staff places emphasis on understanding each person that takes a seat at their tables to help them have a rich experience with Korean food.

The waiters take great measures in teaching each customer how to eat and experience its tasty dishes, whether if that's through describing each dish or showing them how it's cooked, even describing the kinds of ingredients are in the meal.

Some dishes, however, have a little American twist to it. Jjamppong, a seafood soup, is made not too spicy nor has a strong seafood taste to. Customers could also choose their topokki, a popular spicy soft rice cake, with provolone and mozzarella cheese. 

No doubt, at Keo Ku, first-time customers can be sure to feel very welcomed even if they are new to the Korean tastes and cultures.

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