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Top 5 Worst Disasters At K-Pop Fan Meetings

By Edward Leary | July 19, 2017 08:18 PM EDT


Lately, there has been a wild amount of sasaeng fan related news floating around in the media. Unfortunately, these deranged fans make things worse for everyone with their uncontrollable antics and wild misbehavior. Check out the top 5 worst fan meeting moments in K-Pop history and see if you won't cringe or become angered yourself after reading about these disasters.


This video has the right reaction, indeed! While at a fan meeting in Shanghai, a deranged fan thought it would be nice to throw a water bottle at the poor, innocent IU. It hit her directly in the face but IU, fortunately, was not hurt and simply laughed it off and assured the crowd she was alright.


B1A4's fan meeting was all lovey dovey until the aftermath turned into a complete disaster. The media was outraged that the K-Pop would disrespect the countries' strict Muslim religion by hugging the girls which they deemed as inappropriate physical engagement. News spread that the girls were even going to be sentenced to jail and B1A4 were no longer allowed to perform in Malaysia. Luckily, none of that happened.


Sonamoo member Minjae tried her best to impress with her quick mini cover of "Oppa-ya," however, she failed quite miserably. When commenting that the note was hard, one fan commented, "Maybe you should stop smoking?" which caused her to uncomfortably reply, "I don't like jokes like that, please don't say that again." Talk about awkward.


You have GOT to be obsessed if you are willing to practically drag an idol off stage. One fan was crazy enough to do it, as she can be seen pulling INFINITE's Dongwoo's leg and causing him to fall off the stage, almost hurting the idol while he was dancing.


Seventeen couldn't believe just how angry one fan would react when they wouldn't get their way at a fan meeting. While the fan was trying to get autographs from the members, Joshua had allegedly done something to upset her, which caused her to throw her album and move over to the next member. She sat there in anger until she was escorted away.

Is there an even worse moment in K-Pop history you can think of? Share these scary videos and stories in the comments below.

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