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GOT7 Fans Did This To Anger JYP + JYPE Takes Action Against Them

By Edward Leary | July 20, 2017 05:22 PM EDT


Sasaeng fans have been driving entertainment companies up against a wall lately - especially poor JYP Entertainment. With the recent acid threats against popular girl group TWICE and now sasaeng fans are stalking and bombarding GOT7 during their schedules, JYP has decided to take action.

JYP responded to the trouble sasaengs have been causing by creating an official post on the company's website homepage titled "GOT7's Blacklist" on the 20th. This post is considered a warning and legal response to the terrible fans. 

The post read the following: "Because of the attempt of privacy violations at the airport, we have posted this warning. Illegal acts that infringe on the privacy and moral rights of artists' and damage to other airport users are not eradicated. In order to protect artist more actively, we will be expanding our security personnel and methods."

JYP continued, "We take all necessary legal action based on the criminal law and minor punishments for all illegal activities in general." Sounds pretty serious!

The members of GOT7 have also taken the matter into their own hands by sharing the information on their personal SNS accounts and directly asking fans to stop harassing them and invading their privacy. Now that GOT7 and TWICE have heightened personnel, fans feel relieved for their safety but worry about future possible interactions with the group. Do you think JYP is doing the right thing for his group or should he continue on with the way things were? 

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