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Fans Say These 10 K-Pop Songs Can Teach You Korean?

By Edward Leary | July 21, 2017 08:42 PM EDT


Everyone knows K-Pop songs are super catchy, so it is no surprise that their casual lyrics combined with these catchy, rhythmical beats will have you repeating these verses all day long. Whether you realized it or not, these lyrics can actually be commonly used when speaking Korean! Check out these 10 songs that will have you mastering (some) Korean in no time!

4Minute - "What's Your Name"

If you want to start with the basics, you need 4Minute. They will have you striking up a conversation in no time with the useful phrase, "What's Your Name?"

San E - "What're You Doing?"

A cute and common question is to ask "What're You Doing?" Thanks to San E you can ask that question with confidence - just don't forget it is banmal (informal language)!

AOA - "Heart Attack"

I mean, not that we really ever want to say this word and mean it, but Korean's use the term for a "Heart Attack" in a cute way for example, if you see your idol and feel like your heart is racing or even when you're scared!

GD & T.O.P - Don't Go Home"

When your friends visit and you never want them to leave. We all know that feeling, so you better tell them "Don't Go Home" in Korea or show them this song!

f(x) - "Hot Summer"

The weather is an important topic, and there is no other way to describe a "Hot Summer" than by saying it's "too hot!"

GOT7 - "Stop It"

If you ever need someone to stop talking about any other music genre than K-Pop, GOT7 will teach you the easiest way to have them cut it out and quickly with "Stop It!"

PRISTIN - "Wee Woo"

PRISTIN are super cute and have an even cuter way of letting you know that things are getting a little dangerous! "Wee Woo" isn't just a fun sound but similar to the word dangerous in Korean!

ZION T - "Yanghwa Bridge"

This is one of ZION T's most popular songs and fans always sing along to the chorus saying, "Let's Be Happy." That is one way to win over your girlfriend's heart!

Chocolate - "What To Do?"

If you listen to any K-Pop song, you are 99.9% guaranteed to run across this saying! "What To Do?" is so repetitive that you will never forget how to ask.

Taeyang - "Eyes, Nose, Lips"

You should always learn your body parts, who else can be a better teacher than Taeyang? Let's start with the lips, shall we?

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