Sulli, Hara, Uee & Ga In Share This Horrible Thing In Common

Many netizens have been discussing one major thing that idols Sulli, Hara, Uee and Ga In share in common recently and the news has peeked the interest of international fans everywhere.

It appears that when it comes to these idols' personal SNS accounts, they have all been involved in some sort of scandal for something they regrettably posted. While Sulli may be the queen troublemaker of posting eccentric and offensive content on her Instagram, these 3 other female idols were deemed being next in line for the title.

Hara was recently under fire for uploading a photo of a hand rolled 'cigarette' which fans are claiming is, in fact, a blunt (marijuana.) She uploaded the following caption, "This is so tasty." Although the post was deleted almost immediately, the photo has already circulated across the internet and fans are questioning her intentions and denying she was "hacked."

Ga In of Brown Eyed Girls also made headlines when she falsely accused her boyfriend's close friend of offering her marijuana via Kakaotalk. The singer wrote a long note stating how she "would never smoke Marijuana," and "Doesn't need these negative influences." This letter was uploaded to her Instagram around the time of the T.O.P Marijuana scandal, which is still ongoing, and it made fans question if she is simply seeking attention.

Uee and Kangnam were also in the spotlight for their dating rumors. When various news outlets stated she was seeing and dating Kangnam, she was quick to post a rash response, alongside her agency, on her SNS. She stated,  "I have met comfortably, but these rumors are sad," even though a few days later she admitted to dating with Kangnam after saying rude statements about their relationship.

What do you think of these idols similar and seemingly never-ending controversies? Let us know down below.

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