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K-Pop Songs That Will Surprise You With Their Pitch Changed

By Edward Leary | July 27, 2017 10:00 PM EDT


K-Pop songs can be so entertaining and addictive but sometimes we can find ourselves a little bored of hearing the same song over and over. However, would you believe there is a way to revive your interest in these hit songs? A change in pitch is a simple way to make an old song feel new again! Check out the songs that sound best with their pitches changed down below!


TWICE always have mesmerizing voices, but "TT" becomes even more enchanting in its male form!

EXO - "Love Me Right"

EXO will have you falling in love all over again as they cutely squeak "Love Me Right."

Nine Muses - "Ticket"

Nine Muses become cool and chic with these male vocal changes. Get lost in this amazing version of "Ticket."

BTS - "Just One Day"

BTS win us all over yet again with this light and airy version of "Just One Day."

Girl's Day Minah - "I Am A Woman Too"

Girl's Day Minah's solo ballad for "I Am A Woman Too" even sounds more heartful due to the deeper voice.

VIXX - "Error"

It is no "Error," VIXX's female version is on point!

EXID - "I Feel Good"

EXID want you to "Feel Good" with their deep, dreamy vocals.

NCT Dream - "Chewing Gum"

NCT Dream sounds like adorable chipmunks with this even cuter version of "Chewing Gum."

Ladies Code - "Bad Girl"

Ladies Code will surprise you with just how amazing they sound with masculine vocals.

Big Bang - "Bang Bang Bang"

If you thought shouting "Bang-a, Bang-a, Bang-a" was hilarious before, think again!

What do you think of these classic songs with different pitches?

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