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Hyunseung Apologizes & Reveals His Reasons For Leaving Highlight (B2ST)

By Chaeil Lee | July 31, 2017 09:02 PM EDT


Hyunseung, a former member of B2ST which is now known as Highlight, recently came back into the spotlight to apologize. The singer took to social media and posted the apology on his personal Instagram.

On July 31, the idol wrote a long post via his Instagram page, telling his side of the story to loyal fans.  "Hello, this Jang Hyunseung. It looks like this is going to be a long letter but I really wanted to share my side of the story."

The rest of the apology letter stated the following:

"During the past 7 years, I was so loved by many before I left B2ST.  Ever since I was little, I saw various singers and dancers performing on TV and I thought they were so awesome.  Because of that, I was able to debut with B2ST after training for 5 years."

"I made my official debut and thought I had achieved my dreams.  However, during my performance, I had this unsettled feeling and began to thirst for something more.  Instead of working as a team with B2ST, I focused harder on trying to please myself and my stubborn ways.  Even after listening to what others said, I went about my own way, which made it difficult to cooperate with my fellow members."

"As a result, the wall between the members and I grew thicker as I opted to push them away instead of uniting with them.  Soon, I was unable to control myself as I began to present a negative attitude on stage while attending various public events.  I thought that I had been enjoying my youth up until that point and thought it was cool."

"It became a lot harder for me to say that I was sorry and admit my wrongdoings.  However, after leaving the group I was faced with many challenges and realized what I had previously experienced was nothing."

"I was able to let everything go and put down my own selfish pride and became enlightened.  I have come to realize that I caused much pain towards others.  I wanted to express how sorry I was for hurting others because of my rash and selfish decisions. I am sorry." 

What do you think of the singer's deep-hearted apology?

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