How Did Highlight Respond To Hyunseung's Apology?

After ex-member Hyunseung of B2ST, now known as Highlight, posted a long apology for his actions and abrupt leave from the boy group, the members of Highlight themselves responded with a post of their own.

A portion of Hyunseung's apology read, "I made my official debut and thought I had achieved my dreams.  However, during my performance, I had this unsettled feeling and began to thirst for something more.  Instead of working as a team with B2ST, I focused harder on trying to please myself and my stubborn ways.  Even after listening to what others said, I went about my own way, which made it difficult to cooperate with my fellow members...It became a lot harder for me to say that I was sorry and admit my wrongdoings.  However, after leaving the group I was faced with many challenges and realized what I had previously experienced was nothing."

Hyunseung's apology was accompanied by the above photo, however, it was taken during the time. The photo above was actually posted at sunset by member Yoseob who immediately deleted it after. Fans speculated he posted this same photo as a way of saying "It is okay" to Hyunseung.

Highlight member Kikwang and the group's label Around US Entertainment reacted to the mysterious post with a 'like'. Kikwang also commented, ''WOW'." What are your thoughts on the mysterious reply?



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