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5 Must-Have Items For Any K-Pop Concert

By Chaeil Lee | August 02, 2017 08:30 PM EDT


K-Pop concerts seem to be popping up left and right in 2017! Now that the genre has become popularly known and wide spread, alongside the large demand for idols to visit various cities steadily increasing, it is no surprise that Korean artists are coming overseas to put on the show of a lifetime! However, you must be prepared with these 5 essential things for any K-Pop concert! Check out the list down below and prepare the right way.

1. K-Pop Merch

Whether it is a light stick, headband, wristband, t-shirt or even the group's logo as a pin or on a sign, you MUST have some sort of merch. Don't think you can just buy some after the show - you have to show your love and support for your favorite group every waking moment. Get creative with your merch, yo!

2. Cameras

While you don't have to look like a member of the press with a giant camera, it is worth bringing a nice camera! It has two great functions; not only will you be using it to record the memory of a lifetime but it also functions as binoculars if it has a strong enough zoom! Plus, it will make for some great Instagram worthy shots!

3. Portable Chargers

This should honestly be the number one priority on this list! You do not know how many fans end up killing their phone battery because they were bored waiting in line before coming in, doing constant live updates on Twitter, recording videos, taking photos with friends and any other battery draining activity! Save your phone life for when an idol might just take your phone and selca (selfie) with it!

4. Water

Depending on the venue, you might not be allowed to bring water into the venue. However, that is no excuse to dehydrate and faint right in front of the stage. Unless you want to become the next K-Pop website headline, drink up!

5. Cash and mini-wallet

The sad reality is that these venues want your money and they mean the cold, hard cash. Credit cards aren't always accepted and if you really want that BTS/TWICE hat or need to buy those posters from the stands outside the venue, chances are they are taking cash. Don't carry too much but be sure to have an adequate amount handy in a mini-wallet alongside your ticket and some form of ID for emergencies. A mini-wallet makes it so much easier to carry anything you need. Better safe than sorry! 

How else will you prepare for your next K-Pop concert?

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