This Idol Shockingly Reveals How Idols Buy Condoms

Idols are human too and when the hot topic of sex comes up, fans seem to simply lose it. However, one idol bravely approached the subject and shed some light on how idols keep safe and buy condoms.

On a rather controversial episode of JTBC's 'Witch Hunt,' MC Sung Shi Kyung decided to ask one of the special guests how idols purchase condoms without being noticed in public. He directed his question to none other than MBLAQ's G.O. But how did the idol respond?

Believe it or not, G.O handle it quite well and answered quite honestly. He revealed his personal method is a popular method used by all idols. "We usually ask our friends or people around us to purchase the condoms for us." But the fun doesn't end there, the MC then asked G.O and his band member Mir when was the first time they used and purchased a condom!

Mir became so flustered he couldn't even answer the question! However, G.O was able to confirm he needed it a few times in his career. Check out the rest of their responses and hilarious reactions down in the video below!

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