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K-Pop Members Who Left Their Groups Over Time

By Edward Leary | August 14, 2017 10:17 PM EDT


Nothing lasts forever! Unfortunately, we want our favorite idol groups to be unchanged and remain the perfect, original lineup we grew to love all through out time. Sadly, some things change, idols go their separate ways and we must respect their wishes. Check out the list of idols who up and left their groups for different ventures. 

Girls' Generation Jessica

Probably one of the most hurtful departures in K-Pop, Girls' Generation hasn't been the same since member Jessica left (or removed) from the group. The girls stay strong and promote as 8, but it was one of the worst years in K-Pop when Jessica had left. 

f(x) Sulli

Sulli's leave from f(x) was another big shock. Fans expected something had gone wrong once she was absent from various promotional activities after their last group performance of "Red Light."

Girl's Day Jihae

Girl's Day was originally a 5 member girl group before the dancer/rapper Jihae had left. Unfortunately, she had bad timing as the group sky rocketed into fame almost immediately after her departure. Was she holding them back?

Nine Muses Hyuna & Euaerin 

Nine Muses had debuted back in 2017 and were never really nine ever again since the original line up disbanded. After all the years of playing catch up with other groups, most of the girls, including Euaerin, departed from Nine Muses back in 2015 and Hyuna in 2016.


ChoA's leave from AOA was one of the most surprising departures in K-Pop. The group was doing quite well and found lots of fame but ChoA decided to leave in order to take a break and grow on her own as an artist.

Highlight Hyunseung

After B2ST revamped themselves to Highlight, member Hynseung left for his own reasons and many felt it had to do with his attitude. He recently left an apology to his members and fans on his Instagram account.


L.Joe of TEEN TOP surprised many when he decided to nullify his contract. L.Joe seemed to have really hurt his fellow members as they did their best to convince him to stay and even shared their thoughts with the media while holding back their tears.


While many members have left EXO over the years, no other member left with quite a bang like Tao did. The endless lawsuits and betrayal felt from fans made it quite a messy departure. 

2PM Jay Park

Back in 2008, during the time of their debut, Jay Park had left his group due to controversies over a post on his personal MySpace page expressing his hate and anger towards of Korea.

WINNER Nam Tae Hyun

Fans of WINNER still feel very bitter about Nam Tae Hyun's unexpected departure from popular boy group WINNER. While some still support the artists, fans and even the remaining members of WINNER stated something was off about Nam Tae Hyun's group chemistry and they just couldn't seem to click.

Can you think of any other idols who left their previous groups?


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