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Wanna One Member Says The 'N' Word on 'Show Champion'

By Edward Leary | August 24, 2017 01:28 PM EDT


Member Kim Jae Hwan of Wanna One is recently under fire after being accused and caught on video saying the 'N' word on 'Show Champion.'

During an individual introduction segment featuring member Kim Jae Hwan, the idol opened up the video saying, "Yo, N*gga, What's Up?" A fan uploaded the clip to Twitter and shared their thoughts.

The uploader posted the video on Twitter, both at its original pace and then slowed down at the end so viewers can clearly hear what Kim Jae Hwan is saying. It was reported that "The video editors covered it up by adding slightly different subtitles from what was actually said. Problem is the subtitles make no sense that way, which makes the cover up much more obvious."

Since uploading the video, the Twitter user has complained that she has been harassed and even reported by fans of Wanna One. She even shared her surprise to see herself going viral and shared on various K-Pop news sites. Fans of Wanna One also tried to educate her and sent in material that "proves" Kim Jae Hwan didn't say the 'N' word.

However, whether you speak Korean or not, it is clear the English translation of that sentence would not make sense. Also, if he indeed did not say "What's up" but "I'm here" instead, why did the video subtitles say else wise? It seems no one can get their story straight, but it is obvious that the video and subtitles don't lie and Kim Jae Hwan was caught in another racist K-Pop controversy.

How do you feel about member Kim Jae Hwan saying the 'N' word on a live broadcast? No big deal or should he apologize? Stay tuned for updates.

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