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Fans of Boy Groups WINNER & Wanna One Captured Fighting Over Twitter Because of This

By Chaeil Lee | September 15, 2017 06:20 PM EDT


Fans of WINNER (Inner Circle) are recently in an uproar over the latest news regarding Wanna One's variety program titled 'Wanna City.'

It appears that the title 'Wanna City' is too similar to WINNER's official Instagram account called 'WINNER CITY.' Fans felt that Wanna One already have immense popularity and that this is a cheap way to drown out WINNER. It also conflicts with Wannables who are searching for the program as information related to WINNER CITY keeps appearing and fans are fighting over it all on Twitter.

The tweet above reads, "If you're Wanna One, shouldn't it be 'Wanna One City'? Why is it 'Wanna City'. People kept mistyping Wanna One as 'Winner One' and gave Inner Circle such a hard time, and now it's 'Wanna City'? How much more do you want WINNER fans to suffer? If you're Wanna One, it should be 'Wanna One City'", and "'Winner City' is the name of the team in charge of YG's team WINNER. 'Wanna City'? Do you have to use a meaningful name for WINNER and fans in such a way? Shouldn't you research any similar words or terms before deciding on a program's title?" Now, the hashtag #Protect_WinnerCity has been trending on Twitter in Korea. 

Now that Inner Circle has expressed their outrage over another issue, fans and netizens are waiting to see if there will be any results from their efforts. Currently, there have been no responses from Wanna One's agency or SBS Mobidic. How do you feel about Wanna One's new program name?

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