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K-Pop MVs With A Magical Twist For Halloween

By Edward Leary | October 11, 2017 11:53 PM EDT


Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to get into the spooky spirit than to watch some magically fun K-Pop MVs? While there are many idol groups who took on the whimsical concept, this list showcases the best wizards and warlocks who put Harry Potter in his place with their magical style! Get ready to watch the magic happen right before your eyes with these MVs.

DIA - 'Mr. Potter'

The girls of DIA bring magic to life as they summon Mr. Potter ( yes, that disturbing bunny) for a magical adventure. Prepare for the ride of your life!


The girls of TWICE channel their energy into dressing up as famous fairytale characters. From Elsa from 'Frozen' to Tinkerbell and Pinnochio, the fun doesn't end in this fun house! What is there to cry about?

Cosmic Girls - ' I Wish'

As always, Cosmic Girls bring us to another dimension as they travel through various beautiful worries in search of their wishes coming true. A little magic can always help with that!

ANDA - 'Hypnotize'

Sometimes we can't always have it our way, that is why we need to pull an ANDA and rely on some magic in order to Hypnotize our lover! Get out your magic wands or magic watches and manipulate the man (or woman) of your choice.

AOA Cream - 'I'm Jelly Baby'

Sailor Moon + Magic Girl Concept + 3 members of AOA - what could possibly go wrong? The girls have a little fun toying around with the boy of their dreams in this quirky MV!

Orange Caramel - 'A~ing'

Donned in their best Little Red Riding Hood costumes, the lovely 3 ladies of Orange Caramel take to the skies and win our over our hearts with their cutesy song and dance. Even their live performances were filled with magic and enchantment~

Girls' Generation - 'Genie'

Who could forget a classic song by Girls' Generation? While it isn't full of smoke and mirrors, "Genie" is made up from the power of love and granting that one wish everyone wants in life.

PRISTIN - 'Wee Woo'

The young girls of PRISTIN get a little wild and fun as they conjure up some magical spells in order to lure the man of their desires into their trap. With ouija boards and a few magical ncantations by their side, there is no one who can resist their lovely charms.

SHINee - 'Married To The Music'

SHINee's comeback "Married To The Music" has to be one of the most shocking, spooky and fun K-Pop MVs out their when it comes to the Halloween monster theme. From poisonous drinks, eyes, and heads flying across the room and a bit of homage paid to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" with their funky sound and dance routine, SHINee hit the nail on the head with this track.

Which magical concept got you in the Halloween spirit? Share your other favorites down below!

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