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Exceptional K-Pop Ballads That Went Unnoticed

By Edward Leary | September 22, 2017 11:43 PM EDT


K-Pop is filled with fun, energetic and lively songs that perfectly sum up the amazing genre of music. However, there are many talented groups that, despite their well-known upbeat dance concepts, have released some amazing ballads that went a little under the radar! View the wonderful songs down below that will leave you soaking in your feelings. #Emotional

Boys Republic - 'Hello'

The boys made a comeback with this delicate and soothing ballad that talks about the longing for someone you can't seem to let go as you say "Hello" hoping to hear back. The song didn't get the attention it deserved.

Girl's Day - 'What About Me?'

Before they became the 4 member girl group we know and love today, their original lineup did a great job creating and performing this heart-warming ballad about blissful love and its rich feelings.

JJCC - 'On The Flower Bed'

The boys of JJCC dropped the rowdy boy concept to recreate a wonderful classic song from the 70s. It truly stands out and has a wonderful melody mixed with modern sounds.

Nine Muses - 'Just Looking'

Before the girl group shrunk down to a mere 4 members, Nine Muses impressed us with their soft, angelic vocals in this ballad. The melody is easy on the ears and their warm, soothing vocals melt like honey and are sweeter than sugar.

Boyfriend - 'I'll Be There'

The boys of Boyfriend want their lover to know that, despite leaving them, they will "Be There" when they are suffering from any hardship. The song is a little more upbeat but is a definite must-have for any ballad lover's playlist.

Dal Shabet - 'Dreams Come True'

Off of their album 'Naturalness' comes Dal Shabet's "Dreams Come True." The song truly touches one's hearts as it paints the happy picture of the happy-ending we all work hard for.

B1A4 - 'Only One'

B1A4 have released some wonderful ballads nowadays but no fan can forget the simple and addictive sounds of "Only One." The lyrics will make any fan's heart shake from their endearing lyrics.

BESTie - 'I Need You'

BEStie always maintained a vibrant, sexy charm but "I Need You" showcases their stellar vocals and charisma. The song is catchy and purely exemplifies that feeling of always needing that sole person in your life no matter the circumstance.

TOPPDOGG - 'Sunshine'

Another upbeat balled is TOPPDOGG's mid-tempo "Sunshine." As expected, the song describes the free-spirited feeling of loving someone who is as bright and warm as sunshine!

Tiny-G - 'Ice Baby'

Before disbanding, Tiny-G had released this charming ballad! The song is addictive and utilizes a light and airy whistling sound that has anyone humming instantly as they describe the unfortunate pain of someone you love slowly changing into someone you hate.

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