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What Is The Reason Idols Don't Wear Raincoats During Outdoor Stages

By Edward Leary | October 05, 2017 09:15 AM EDT


We all know the infamous idol stages that include some rather risky weather conditions, specifically the rainy stages. While it is considered a dangerous performance, we love these rain dances for a good reason and entertainment companies are using this fact to their advantage!

Many fans are familiar with one of the most popular outdoor stages above being f(x)'s "La Cha Ta" and something about seeing these ladies doused in the rain and performing like pros brought an exciting new flavor to the already entertaining performance. Recently, Wanna One gained a large dose of attention for successfully have their first rain performance and their agency emphasized what made it so popular - the choreography!

Agencies stated that although it is a safety measurement, "Idols look sexier when performing in the rain." Netizens have taken notice as they claimed the simple accessory covers up their wardrobes and masks the sharp and sexy choreography. Some netizens posted, "They are too adorable" and "Why do they look like Kindergardners?!? hehhe," after seeing the photos above.

Compared to their usual performances, raincoats just take away from the charm that appears from a delightful, but unexpected, rain shower! Many videos have gone viral because of an outdoor showcase being rained on (think G-Friend or Girl's Day). Now, the photo down below is becoming more of a hot topic because everyone can't stop talking about how much Wanna One look like little kids! 

What do you think about the agencies' decisions? Are the outdoor stages better when they are in their usual stage attire or is an idol's health and performance conditions more important? Share your thoughts down below!

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