5 Things Fan Anyone Can Learn From Any K-Drama

By Edward Leary | October 06, 2017 11:25 PM EDT


If Korean dramas taught me one thing, it is that there are 5 things worth learning from each and every story after watching them. With all the romance, heartache, hardships and friendships entangled into one hour-long episode, it is hard o keep up with all the moral lessons! Fortunately, this list sums up the fundamental 5 any viewer should walk away with after watching a K-Drama. View the 5 lessons you need to survive life K-Drama style!

1. Aegyo works every time

Just aegyo your way into and out of anything. Bat your lashes, pucker your lips and be as cutesy as you can. Please note, aegyo is subject to failure when used by 50% of men.

2. Wrist-Grabbing only works in dramas

It just doesn't work. Don't do it. Especially on a modern day woman - she might slap you or get a restraining order.

3. Rich men are sensitive and difficult to understand

If you thought the poor character had it tough, think of the hardships the richest chaebol had to suffer from! Being alone with all that money isn't easy and finding someone who doesn't give them what they want too easily will make them blow up! Try to understand, these chaebols are like fancy aliens who need to be taught to enjoy the simple things on Earth. Patience is key.

4. Everyone loves a sassy girl (to an extent)

Sassy girls are nothing but trouble, and it is fun! While we mostly enjoy watching the spunky personalities take action from a distance in a drama, it isn't fun when a sassy girl becomes overwhelming in our daily life. Keep it at a minimum and people will believe it is your personality, not you copying a popular drama character. 

5. Love always prevails

Albeit not the way you may have wanted (or expected) but love always finds its way of accomplishing its mission in the end. You may feel like you want absolute control over it but one thing every K-Drama can teach is to just trust your feelings, acknowledge that other special someone's feelings and let time do the rest. Some leads don't kiss until episode 13 (I'm talking about you Do Bong Soon)!

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