How Do K-Pop Idols Surprise These Lucky Fans In Person?

By Edward Leary | October 16, 2017 11:19 PM EDT


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Meeting our favorite idol group and bias is somewhat like a miracle on earth. Fortunately, there have been some fans who were lucky enough to not only meet their idol but were absolutely taken aback by them when they appeared right before their eyes! Share in the fun, magical moment with these best videos of idols surprising their fans down below!


Not only were these girls featured on BuzzFeed but they also got to express their love for GOT7 to the world right before the boy group jumped out and surprised them! Talk about the perfect way to record such a wonderful moment!

Jay Park

Of course, the humorous antics of Jay Park never ends - even when he is meeting his fans! This hair salon nonsense became a dream for one girl when she realized Jay Park was in charge of her hair treatment that day.

Jo Kwon

Imagine your favorite idol just showing up to your school and willingly performing for you and your classmates? That is exactly what Jo Kwon did, and he even engaged in some fun activities with the students!


Zico has a heavenly voice and killer rap style, so it makes sense for him to surprise fans by finding them at the noraebang (karaoke room)! Imagine being in the same room and sharing a mic with your favorite singer. Dreams do come true.


Just like Jo Kwon, TWICE stunned an entire classroom with their sudden appearance! They danced, sang and even took pictures with the students! Now that is a class I won't fall asleep in.

Red Velvet

Whether you are working at the bakery or having a night on the town, running into your favorite idol group is one of the last things you would expect. Fortunately for these people, Red Velvet paid them a special visit and made every moment unforgettable!


Everyone knows that if BTS came into their house to surprise them with a bucket of chicken and fan merch, they would die almost instantly. Probably one of the luckiest families on earth, BTS came right to their front door and started a K-Pop party in their apartment! Where is our invite?


Now the last place you would expect an idol to show up is at your own wedding! This happy couple may be even happier after idol IU blessed them with her beautiful voice and even took congratulatory wedding photos with them!

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