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Jo Duk Jae Denies The Acts of Molestation Despite Being Found Guilty

By Chaeil Lee | October 18, 2017 10:50 AM EDT


Jo Duk Jae is becoming quite the controversial topic in Korea at the moment because of his recent sentencing involving his molestation case back in 2015. 

Early in the week, on October 13th, Jo Duk Jae was sentenced to 1 year in prison, 2 years of probation, and 40 hours of a sexual violence treatment program. His co-star had claimed that he had touched her and even took off her underwear while working on set back in  April of 015. During the trial, Jo Duk Jae stated, "I have a family. How can I shamelessly sexually attack someone when so many staff members are watching me?" 

Ultimately after receiving his sentence, Jo Duk Jae began denying the reports and allegations against him saying the director lied and manipulated the scene. "The staff on set didn't see me put my hands in her pants, and it's not on film either. It's only the actress' claims. The court replayed the tape multiple times, and it didn't show in the footage at all. On the marital rape scene, the director directed me, 'Act like an animal. Do I have to tell you this?' I acted according to the scenario content and ripped the actress' clothes, but in the footage, you can't see me touch her chest or her lower area. Still, now I'm considered a sexual molester." 

According to the reports, Jo Duk Jae began tearing up as he continued saying,"After the problematic scene, the actress was angry, and the director called her to his office. Actress B said to me, 'Are you acting by yourself?' and tried to argue with me... The PD told me to apologize to her as she was upset, so I did. The producers made a meeting later on, and I apologized. Later on when she claimed sexual molestation, I wondered why I had to admit to things I never did, so I didn't admit to it. I said that I would get on my knees to apologize when she was less mad." 

It was further revealed that the director also came forward to address the situation and Jo Duk Jae's claims by saying, "I understand both actress B and Jo Duk Jae's points of view... However, there are too many things in the reports that aren't true. You should at least not lie about it. I was trying to stay neutral, but it's difficult seeing everything happen." He further mentioned that he tried to help Jo Duk Jae out with the case, but he feels the actor has been dishonest.  

Stay tuned for further updates.

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