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How Did This Fan Cause $265,000 Worth of Damage at G-Dragon's Cafe?

By Edward Leary | October 23, 2017 09:52 PM EDT


Fans of BIG BANG and G-Dragon in particular, are furious after discovering a post titled 'A person who damaged a 300 million KRW ($265,000) chandelier inside GD's Cafe.' In the post, it shows photos and information of a fan, that many are claiming to be an anti-fan, who damaged n expensive chandelier in the artist's luxury cafe.

The fan goes back and forth with netizens as they revealed the story as to how they damaged the pricey chandelier in the first place. According to the post, the fan was trying to take a picture of the beautiful view but accidentally hit and damaged the low-hanging light fixture. Originally, the fan was reported to have fled the scene but the guilty fan stated that they immediately brought the damaged part to the manager and service desk.

Upon doing so, the fan continued to describe the situation saying, "The staff yelled at me and I wasn't too happy about being scolded. They said they would fix the chandelier by purchasing the broken parts as long as I cover the costs for the rest of the repairs." However, the repairs are quite costly and the fan immediately stated, "G-Dragon has money, but I still have to pay for the repairs? This is why I like Taeyang better!"

Fans who read the post continued to express their anger saying, "How can someone even post this?" and "The area was closed off to the public for a reason - it is your fault." The fan continued to justify their actions by saying, "It was hard for me to get a seat by the window.  There happened to be a small sand desert area inside the cafe and I only just wanted to take a shot of the nice view when the accident happened while I was trying to get across that area.  I immediately took the broken part to one of the staff and I wasn't very pleased when I was yelled at.  I know it's all about visuals, but I didn't expect the passageway to be made that narrow.  I just don't understand."

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