Fans That Impressed Us With Their K-Pop Idol Graffiti Fan-Art

By Edward Leary | October 27, 2017 06:01 PM EDT


There are many talented fans who have impressed us all over the years with their amazing fan-art. Although we love showcasing our artistic skills to our favorite idols, there are some fans who go beyond the pencil and paper by grabbing their best spray paint and sharing a masterpiece for the world to see by dedicating a mural of graffiti to their favorite artists! Explore some of the most stunning and eye-catching pieces of wall-art around the world down below.


G-Dragon has always been one of the most attention-grabbing idol. Now he is popping off the walls with this rugged but clean styled graffiti! It easily captures his handsome features and signature smile!

2. Jessica Jung

Jessica Jung looks like an angel as she elegantly looks towards the sky with happiness and hope in her eyes! The mural, which can be found in Sydney, Australia, was one of the first pieces of graffiti to amaze fans worldwide!


Fans of VIXX were more than excited to see the group’s colorful logo, which really completed their ‘Superhero’ album concept, comes to life on the streets! The precise and professional detailing does justice to the image and the vibrant colors help VIXX’s masterpiece standout among the competition.

4. Girls’ Generation Taeyeon

People really love Girls’ Generation! Taeyeon is another member to be featured on some extravagant wall art! Using the theme from “I Got A Boy,” Taeyeon’s hip-hop style complements the street art style to a T. The artist added fun effects, phrases, and logos as well! In the bubble above, it says “Happy Birthday, Taeyeon!” Best gift ever, huh?

5. Monsta X

Similar to VIXX, Monsta X get their own group name plastered to the walls! The artists added a brick-patterned finish in order to assimilate Monsta X’s rough boy style. Although simplistic, it still has an eye-catching appeal that any fan of the boy group will appreciate.

6. G-Dragon Pt. 2

The love never ends for G-Dragon of Big Bang! This abstract art reveals a more intensified image of the famous rapper. His rowdy, “Sorry I’m a bad boy,” attitude is effortlessly displayed in this K-Pop graffiti.

7. B.A.P

This artist shows off his love for B.A.P and graffiti by utilizing some awesome colors on his own personal canvas wall! While it contains other classic images of slang, tags, and imagery, the boy group’s name is big, bold and filled with a gradient blend of blue and green colors alongside some topical designs in white. Another well done K-Pop logo!

8. Jessica Pt. 2

Just like G-Dragon, Jessica is another idol who is getting a lot of love for her fans! The same artist who worked on Taeyeon’s graffiti also created this one for Jessica’s birthday! The pink-popping colors definitely match Jessica’s taste! I guess we know who this artist’s favorite members are!

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