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MXM Shakes Up Kuala Lumpur With Liveliness and Charm

By Lai Frances | May 07, 2018 10:45 PM EDT


(Photo : Yatt & Joz)

MXM, a project unit under Brand New Music, recently visited Kuala Lumpur for the Malaysian leg of their Match Up Fan Meeting tour. The duo, Lim Youngmin and Kim Donghyun, both rose to fame after participating and reaching the final stage in the popular reality show Produce 101 (Season 2).

Prior to the fan meeting, MXM greeted the media in a press conference held at Ritz Carlton on 30th of April. Young Min shared that MXM often read messages on their social media platforms, especially responses to content that were personally uploaded by them. On that note, Youngmin added that the duo had already noticed a lot of messages from Malaysian fans on how they were looking forward to meeting MXM.

Recently the duo had released a special track "Love It Live It" together with Starship Entertainment's Jung Sewoon and Lee Gwanghyun under the name of YDPP. While the project group received an overwhelming response from the public, there are no future plans to release new material.

(Photo : Yatt & Joz)

When asked about which artist they would like to collaborate with, Youngmin chose Jay Park who has been his role model since a young age. As for Donghyun, he mentioned Park Hyoshin as his role model and would love to collaborate with Crush and Bolppalgan4.

The boys later expressed their wish to perform on future stages as a full team with their label mates, Lee Daehwi and Park Woojin who are currently part of Wanna One (the winning team from Produce 101).

Youngmin also commented on the warm welcome they received from Malaysian fans during their arrival at the airport. He expressed that he felt really good about the great reception and promised to present a great show for the fan meeting. MXM closed the press conference by posing for the media, displaying their boyish charms with finger hearts and their bright smiles.

(Photo : Yatt & Joz)

The next day, the South Korean pop duo left over a thousand fans swooning, after seeing them live at the HGH Convention Centre. Bursting with energy, MXM opened the show with performances of I'm The One and Perfectly Perfect. Needless to say fans were all screaming with excitement from the start.

Apart from the performances, a total of 4 interactive game sessions were also held where the fans could get closer with MXM. During the O/X game, fans were asked questions about MXM and had to answer with either O (true) or X (false). The boys were surprised to see a large number of fans who knew them so well, to the point that the selection of winners took longer than expected!

(Photo : IME Production)

MXM displayed their talent for drawing through a game of charades where the boys had to draw pictures of keywords given to them such as Namsan Tower, each other and even one of their songs, Diamond Girl. The fans once again proved how well they understood the boys as each chosen fan could correctly guess the artwork. Successful fans were awarded with the original drawing and signature from either Youngmin or Donghyun.

In the next section, fans were given the chance to ask MXM questions through a post-it note board. Among the questions and requests, one asked the boys to "Call her noona cutely..." and the boys obliged with their own cute renditions of the affectionate name. They were also taught some Malay words such as "Saya sayang awak" (I love you) and "Lekkkk lu" (relax first) to which they easily pronounced the words and even put their own twists on it.

MXM were also given "sampin", a piece of traditional clothing to wear and both Youngmin and Donghyun pulled off the look stylishly. They then created a short choreography for a Malaysian folk song "Rasa Sayang" which they happily performed together with the fans.

The fans also prepared a special video for MXM, showcasing their earnest love for the boys. During this time, the fans also held up banners saying "Thank you for coming. Because of you, we are happy everyday." which touched the boys deeply.

(Photo : IME Production)

MXM went out with a bang by performing for Being Objective, Diamond Girl and I Just Do for all their awesome fans.The show was jointly organized by iMe Malaysia and Warner Music Malaysia.

You can check out more photos from the press conference and the fanmeeting in the photo gallery!

We would like to thanks the organiser IME Production for the invitation to the press conference as well as to the fanmeeting.

Written by: Farah & Joz | Photos by: Yatt, Joz & IME Production


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