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BuzzFeed Have A Laugh With BTS & EXID During Mini Interview

By Edward Leary | June 04, 2018 01:53 PM EDT


BuzzFeed, one of America's top news and video production sites, is staying on top of their A game as they utilized their time wisely while BTS and EXID were in town! Visiting for their recent concerts and tours, the lovely gals of EXID and the charming boys of BTS met with BuzzFeed staff for a fun, interactive mini-interview which guaranteed all of their fans to laugh uncontrollably!

As expected, the videos immediately when viral as no one could get enough of 'BTS Meet's Puppies' as the 7 superstars paired up with every human's biggest weakness - newborn puppies! Honestly, I do not know which was more charming; watching BTS' heart-warming smiles or seeing some rowdy, rough puppies just doing their thang!

They guys were a little distracted but thoroughly answered not only BuzzFeed's questions but also their fans as well. The questions were a lot more creative this time as it diagnosed the boy's current fame, their feelings for their recent new image and even J-Hope's solo work! Get ready to clutch your heart after seeing the amusing video down below.

Now, the ladies of EXID were even funnier! The girls gathered around to play a daring game of "Would You Rather," and the questions were certainly thought-provoking and revealed some surprising sides of each of the members. It appears many fans were ultimately taken back by talented vocalist Hyerin's answers! She seemed to have a different approach to what the member's had anticipated. The hardest question of them all was definitely when the girls had to choose a life without makeup or fashionable clothing! See their answer's in the comical video down below!

What did you think of these two amazing idol groups coming together for their interviews with BuzzFeed? The company sure did a bang-up job creating a fun and interactive atmosphere for both idols and fans! Stay tuned for more unique videos and do not forget to visit EXID at KCON this year and BTS on their respective tours!

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