Which Member of BTS Beat Out EXID Hani's Fan Cam Views?

We all remember the famous fan cam of EXID's Hani performing to "UP & DOWN," which in turn made the group go viral and launch their successful career in the K-Pop industry. Since then, the need to record our favorite idols and capture their flawless dance routines and perfect moments have grown ever since! Although Hani held the record for having the most views ever for a fan cam, a member of BTS has stolen the crown!

Suprise, Surprise, that member is none other than Jimin! A recent live performance fan cam of the sexy male idol dancing to their latest release "Fake Love" has gone more than viral. The idol fan cam has already garnered in over 30 Million views! That's more than some K-Pop idol group's MV alone! Don't wait any longer and check out the amazing video down below!

Hani isn't far behind though, as the talented and sexy dancer has over 27 million views on her fan cam alone. Whose do you think is better in the end?

Fan cam
Fake Love


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