SEVENTEEN Concert, The 'Ideal Cut' Of Our Year

By iReporter Team | September 29, 2018 01:29 PM EDT


Known as 'self-producing idols' with knife-like choreography, SEVENTEEN definitely did not fail to impress during their latest tour, Ideal Cut. In the concert on last Friday, we were constantly put on the edge of our seats as the group danced their way across the stage and into our hearts. By the end of the night, everyone who attended, surely walked home as a Carat, which is SEVENTEEN's fandom name.

The 13 membered group, SEVENTEEN, is truly a gem in the current generation of K-Pop idols. Boasting three different units - the Hip Hop unit, with members S.Coups, Mingyu, Wonwoo and Vernon, the Performance unit, with members Hoshi, Jun, The8 and Dino, and the Vocal unit, consisting of Woozi, D.K, Jeonghan, Joshua and Seungkwan, the group is well versed in all areas of performance. They are well known to cover the hardest beats with furious raps and sharp dance moves, to the softest ballads with astounding vocals and deft-like dances.

Right of the bat, fans were left with pumping hearts and adrenaline as they started off with a mesh of high energy songs, consisting of fan favorites like 'Highlight' and 'Thanks', both being special remixes for the concert. The energy was continuously kept at an all time high thanks to tracks like 'Chuck' and 'Run To You'. Throughout all the stages, it was easy to see what drew people to SEVENTEEN, like moths to a flame - their ability to enjoy the stage was incredible, as they projected that happiness towards their fans.

There was certainly never a dull moment during the night, with the members messing with one another and cracking jokes. Seungkwan sent everyone into peals of laughter after attempting ASMR a few times with the fans, which ended in failure - understandably because not many can contain their excitement when with SEVENTEEN. Carats' hearts were also melted when SEVENTEEN explained what their little hand sign meant during posing. The thumb represented 'SEVENTEEN', and the index finger represented 'Carats', so when joined together, showed the popular 'Finger Heart', representing the union of idol and fans.

Vernon teased the hearts of the fans when saying that the best thing about Singapore was the Chili Crabs, much to the protest of the members, before quickly changing it to be Singapore Carats.

What is also unique about SEVENTEEN is their multi-racial members line-up. They boast two Chinese and two English speaking members, which allowed them to communicate easily with fans without the need for a translator.

Next up, the Hip Hop Team proved that they were not to be messed with, performing tracks such as 'Un Haeng il Chi' from their mixtape, which talks about practicing what you preach, in relation to idols, and unreleased 'Sukyo'.

The other teams definitely did not fail to impress either, with the Vocal team sending everyone into a reverie as their voices gracefully filled up the stadium. Teasing us, the Performance team snapped everyone out of their trance, pumping the night up once again with groovy, addictive beats, and easy dance moves to remember. Before long, everyone was in high spirits again!

The immaculate detailing spent onto each member was astounding, an example being translating the VCR into the real-life stage. Each member appeared with almost identical props that appeared in the video as well, from Seungkwan's orange basket, to Joshua's guitar, to The8's camera and to even Mingyu's MC Mic Sign!

Without a doubt, SEVENTEEN knew how to host and carry a good concert. Before the night ended, we were treating to tracks such as 'Pretty U', 'Clap', 'Adore You' and 'Very Nice!', which was sadly, the ending song to the three hour lineup of the concert, but also one that was chosen very well - leaving everyone in absolutely high spirits when parting.

Sweetheart Mingyu definitely saved the night when he mentioned that they had to send their fans off for the night, for they would no doubt will meet everyone again - promising a return to Singapore soon.

Throughout the show, it was easy to see the amount of love SEVENTEEN carried for their fans, with their Carats being the core and fuel of what they do. It was heartwarming to hear about them realizing how before this - they only knew performing and the stage, until they met Carats. Leader Seungcheol mentioned that his fans were his biggest takeaways, or learnings, since debuting in SEVENTEEN.

We can definitely expect even better music from the group in future as they continue to grow and explore their potential. 

Special thanks to Fast Track Events Pte Ltd, PLEDIS ENTERTAINMENT, Live Nation Korea and ShowNote for inviting to cover 2018 SEVENTEEN CONCERT 'IDEAL CUT'. 

Writer: Bel | Photo Credits: Fast Track Events Pte Ltd 

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