The Rose Talks Childhood Memories, Viral Dance Moves and More at K-EXPO 2018 [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

With a fulfilling year of new singles, the release of their mini album Void, and a successful Paint it Rose tour in Europe, North America and South America, there is no mistaking the anticipation and excitement around seeing The Rose grow as artists.

The four-member boy band debuted under J&Star Company in August of 2017 with title-track “Sorry,” catching the attention of millions; no easy feat when it comes to a debut. Listed as one of Billboard’s “K-Pop Artists to Watch in 2018,” The Rose certainly does not disappoint when it comes to serving self-composed pop-rock songs and showing love to their fans whenever they can.

We sat down with Woosung (Sammy), Dojoon (Leo), Hajoon (Dylan) and Jaehyeong (Jeff) at the inaugural K-Expo 2018, held at Melrose Ballroom on Sept. 30, 2018 at the Melrose Ballroom in Queens. They appeared energetic and lively despite arriving from Korea the night before the event, mentioning how they always feel this way before meeting and performing for their fans.

Inspired by the titles of their songs and mini album, we’ve curated questions to get to know The Rose a little bit better.

"Void" – What is something you absolutely cannot live without?
Woosung: Love.
Dojoon: People.
Hajoon: Food.
Jaehyeong: Computer!

"Candy" – Sweetest thing a fan has ever done for you?
Woosung: They do events for us. Whenever we perform they always have banners and they always hold them up together. One time they made these airplanes...paper planes! And they did that just for us. Those little things make us really heart warmed...that was really sweet.
Dojoon: All their words...Actually when they just turn up and they say hi and get all excited by seeing us! It’s a really sweet thing so we’re really thankful about that.

"I.L.Y" – Sammy, did you ever find out if Kiki loves you?
Woosung: I don’t actually know a Kiki but I kind of want to know a Kiki. I haven’t gotten the answer yet. I’m still waiting. Kiki, do you love me? Kiki, are you there?

Are there any dance crazes you like?
Dojoon: (Points at Jaehyeong) He’s really good with the what do you call it..the kick dance? The Shoot?
Jaehyeong: Who, me?

If one of The Rose’s songs went viral for a dance move, what would the song and dance move be?

Woosung: "Candy"?

"Baby" – Let’s look back to when you were babies. What is your fondest childhood memory?
Dojoon: Not staying at home. Going out and doing something. I just went to the playground and hung out with friends or played soccer games and sports. I was more of an outgoing child. Just not staying at home is my memory.
Woosung: I went to sea world with my mom when I was a baby. That’s one of the things I remember. I saw the whale show!
Jaehyeong: It’s not my real memory, but three years ago I saw a video of my first anniversary and [in the video] I had a toy and I hit my father with it.
Woosung: He was a rude baby!
Dojoon: He was rude. And he still is rude.
Jaehyeong: Sorry, Dad!
Hajoon: When lived on a small island, I went to the sea a lot.
Dojoon: And swimmed?
Hajoon: No, I can’t swim. I collected shells and clams with my mother.
Dojoon: He was really a country boy.

"Sorry" – If you could steal something from another bandmate, what would you take?
Dojoon: Like...Jaehyeong’s face?
Woosung: I want Leo’s computer. It’s a nice computer...the best! So expensive.
Dojoon: It’s the best computer out in the world right now.
Jaehyeong: I want Leo’s driving license! I can’t drive.
Dojoon: Everybody’s wanting my stuff!
Hajoon: I want Leo and Sammy’s english!
Jaehyeong: Me too!
Dojoon: I want Hajoon’s amount of happiness. He’s just a happy person and has happiness inside of his whole life and brain. He doesn’t bother too much with objects and situations out there. He’s just going “hahahaha” all the time.

"Like We Used To" – What is something you miss having before you made your debut?
Hajoon: Oh...All of it!
Woosung: Time. We had more time together. We could go on a trip whenever we wanted to and now we can’t really do that.
Dojoon: We are clinged to something else right now. The thing we really want but can’t have is the freedom. Like 100% freedom. We are still free but not [as much as before].

Other than your upcoming second mini-album, Dawn, what can we expect from The Rose in the future?
Woosung: We have a Japan showcase at the end of October. Our Europe tour is in a month from the end of November to December, and we have a Korea show for two days, the 29th and 30th of December.
Dojoon: And Australia!
Woosung: After we’re gonna come back to Korea and work on other songs and albums maybe.

Do you have a message for your Black Roses?
Woosung: We love you. So much. We wore black today for you guys!

Now back with their second mini-album Dawn, The Rose offers four new tracks join their repertoire. Their title song “She’s In The Rain” features an introduction of soft vocals building up into an explosion of feelings that only few can create through their music. A song for lonely hearts, these sweet, emotional lyrics are a declaration that we're never alone even in the darkest of times. With a band like The Rose who loves and supports their fans through their music, Black Roses worldwide can be assured that they are never truly alone. 

Check out their latest comeback here:

Special thanks to All That Korea, The Rose and J&Star Company for this opportunity!

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